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October 18, 2018


Aquaponics Innovation Center Opens in Escondido

On October 17, ECOLIFE Conservation, an NGO headquartered in Downtown Escondido, unveiled its new Aquaponics Innovation Center in rural North Escondido. The center produces organic lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers using 90% less water than traditional "dirt" farming. In addition to providing a sustainable source of healthy produce to local non-profits, the Innovation Center also provides opportunities to educate school children and the greater community about the benefits of aquaponics. For more information, go to:


Aquaponics Innovation Center

Internationally Known Speaker Hosts Education Opportunity for Local Businesses

The evening of October 11, a group of approximately 40 Escondido business owners and community members gathered in the Mitchell Room at Escondido City Hall to hear an informative and entertaining presentation from Barbara Wold. Ms. Wold is an internationally known speaker and authority to the retail, consumer, tourism and hospitality industries who has taught in over twenty countries. The event was jointly hosted by the City of Escondido and the Escondido Downtown Business Association with the purpose of providing a practical educational experience to Downtown Escondido merchants. The day after the seminar, Ms. Wold conducted one-on-one visits to five pre-selected merchants, providing in-depth assessments to help improve their businesses. More information about Barbara can be found on her Linkedin page www.linkedin.com/in/barbarawold .

Barbara Wold


City Hall Landscape Improvements Continue

Last Saturday, October 13 work began improve the safety and sustainability of the landscape surrounding City Hall. 11 of the 14 trees surrounding the fountain were removed. These trees have created significant safety and maintenance issues as they have reached their life expectancy for the size of the area they were planted. The trees were dropping a large quantity of seed pods and their mature roots were damaging the surrounding concrete flatwork. Removal work will continue this weekend and replanting will begin in the weeks to follow. Smaller maturing, non-flowering trees and plants have been selected and will not pose the maintenance and safety issues experienced with the previous trees. Funding has been received from a state Housing-Related Parks Program grant to fully finance the project.


City Hall Landscaping Improvements


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