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Exciting New Ramp at Escondido Skate Park
The Escondido Skate Park, located in Kit Carson Park, recently renovated an existing skate ramp and installed a new and improved jump box feature. Staff worked with former professional skateboarder and skate park designer, Kanten Russell to discuss recommendations on the redesign.  The new feature offers a new experience for our users and improves the flow of the skate park.  It has already become the favorite ramp for riders of all wheel action sports, and adds a new dynamic for competitions and events.

New Welcome Signage
New graphics welcoming residents and visitors to Escondido started rolling out this week. Keep an eye out for them on the California Center for the Arts, Lexus, and Westfield digital signs.

The Escondido Creek Conservancy Awarded Major Grant to Improve Reidy Creek
The Conservancy has been awarded $380,873 by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to implement the Reidy Creek Restoration and Beautification Project. The project is a partnership of the Conservancy, the City of Escondido, and the private property owners along the creek. The grant provides funding to remove invasive exotic trees and plants from the creek, as well as clean up and prevent trash and pollution on a large scale. 

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