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Night Fishing Returns to Dixon Lake
Night Fishing will be allowed from 5 - 11:45 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, July 12 - August 31. By 9:30pm, you can catch a view of Mars rising in the East, and scan the sky toward the south to also see Saturn and Jupiter! 

The Use of Technology Creates a More Efficient Commute!
The Engineering department completed two of our initial traffic signal synchronization projects.  Both result in significant travel time savings.  video is available to view the before and after travel time in the afternoon peak hour on Bear Valley. 

  • Bear Valley Parkway: From Via Rancho Pkwy & Sunset Drive to Bear Valley Pkwy & Ranchito/Sunset Drive (2 miles).  The average commute time of 6-minutes 20-seconds is shortened by 1minute 27-seconds (22%).  The largest time savings of over 2-minutes (32%) occurs in the PM peak hour for north-bound commuters.  The travelling public will save more than 103-hours per day. 
  • Valley Parkway: From Auto Park Way and Citracado Pkwy  (1.3-miles).  The average commute time of 4-minutes 41-seconds is shortened by 1-minute on average (21%).  The largest time savings of 1-minute 50-seconds (34%) occurs in the morning peak hours (north-bound).  In total, the travelling public will save more than  72-hours per day. 

San Diego Region Small Business Survey
San Diego Regional EDC has hired Stitch Marketing Research, an independent research agency headquartered in San Diego, to gather opinions and perceptions on important issues for small businesses in the region. The City is an enthusiastic partner in this effort. If you have a small business with less than 100 employees and want to contribute your opinions take the survey here. 

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