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Community Feedback Wanted!
Share your thoughts on the 2019 Council Action Plan

Comparte tus pensamientos sobre el Plan de Acción del Consejo 2019


Join the New Community Advisory Groups
Participants are needed to help facilitate the City Council's vision for a highly engaged community representing diverse opinions, backgrounds, and demographics that will come together in a grassroots effort to discuss issues affecting Escondido. These participants will offer recommendations that, in partnership with the City and with support from the community, can address our collective challenges. Five Community Advisory Groups have been identified and are now accepting participants. To learn more about these groups or to sign up, click the image below. 

180-Foot Mural Depicting Escondido's History Unveiled
On Tuesday, June 18, a mural entitled "The Wall Speaks, A Cultural Walk Through Escondido," was unveiled at the Escondido Community Child Development Center (ECCDC) Lorraine Boyce campus on 9th Avenue. Local artists Leslie Mayer and Cindy Peters painted the 180-foot mural depicting Escondido history and culture. The project was made possible with various grants including City of Escondido CDBG funds. Mayor Paul McNamara, Deputy Mayor Consuelo Martinez, Council Member Mike Morasco and various City staff attended the ceremony. The artists will be receiving a proclamation at the July 17 City Council Meeting.NBC San Diego was on site for the ribbon cutting event. View the video here:
Link Here 

Escondido Gets Two New Traffic Signals
New traffic signals at Valley Parkway/Date Street, and El Norte Parkway/Fig Street are nearly complete.  They wll be energized and fully functional during July.  Both signals will improve conditions and safety at these intersections. Climate Action Plan Update
The City continues to make progress on updating the Climate Action Plan (CAP.) Currently, the project team is refining strategies based on community feedback and running calculations on potential greenhouse gas reduction measures that would improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy throughout the community. Based on our work to date, preliminary strategies suggest moving forward with a technical study to see if Community Choice Energy (CCE) is a viable option.  CCE programs are local, not-for-profit governmental programs that purchase electrical power on behalf of its residents and businesses.  The primary objective of a CCE is to give communities a choice in energy providers and offer a greater proportion of renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
On June 12, 2019, the City Council approved the FY2019/2020 operating budget, which includes among other things, an allocation to prepare the CCE technical study to see If it is feasible in Escondido.  In consideration of this, City staff is looking to partner with other jurisdictions and jointly solicit bids from consultants to work on the study over the next few months.  Aside from the advantage of sharing the cost of the study, more partners means a broader foundation on which to spread overhead expenses and risk.  It also can allow for a more diversified portfolio of product offerings.  The City of Vista City Council is considering a partnership with Escondido on June 25, 2019.  The City of Escondido City Council will likewise consider the scope of the RFP/study in July or August.  All participating jurisdictions must approve the scope of the RFP/study before asking consultants to submit proposals.  While this early CCE work progresses during the course of the summer, the second phase of outreach related to the CAP update is expected to occur at the end of summer.

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