The Building Division has updated its RESIDENTIAL Solar permit process.

The State passed a Senate Bill 379 to implement an online permitting process and streamline the plan review and issuance procedure for Photovoltaic permits. Licensed contractors can now use SolarAPP+ for rooftop solar permitting in the City of Escondido (Residential Permits Only). Projects qualifying for expedited permitting through SolarAPP+ will not require a city plan review thereby reducing the time to obtain a permit. If you are a licensed contractor or installer, you may register for a new SolarAPP+ account (non-licensed/owner-builders must apply for a regular Building Permit with Plan Check).

What is SolarAPP+?

SolarAPP+, short for Solar Automated Permit Processing, is an online web portal that automates the plan review and process for issuing permits to qualified businesses or individuals to install code-compliant residential photovoltaic (PV) systems.

What permits are eligible for SolarAPP+?

Before applying for an automated solar plan review and solar residential permit, projects must follow certain requirements. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklist.  Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal for instant permitting.  All other Solar/PV installations require a regular Building Permit.

What will I need?

  • A SolarAPP+ account, as well as a City of Escondido Portal account

  • An active City of Escondido Business License
    (You must have an active business license BEFORE submitting for a SolarAPP+ permit. Please obtain one here).

  • Approved documents/plans/permit number for your solar project obtained from SolarAPP+.

How to get started

1. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+

  • To start using SolarAPP+, register and submit your design through the SolarAPP+ Webpage.

  • A processing fee will be charged by SolarAPP+. Download your approved plans and certificate.

2. Apply for a City of Escondido Solar Permit

  • Apply for a City of Escondido Residential Solar permit through our Online Portal

  • Upload your approved plans and certificate from the SolarAPP+.

  • Once you've paid all applicable fees, your permit will be immediately issued electronically.

3. Schedule Inspection

  • Request an inspection through our Building Inspections Request.

  • Please make sure to have all approved paperwork, as well as permit and inspection card printed and present on site for your inspector.


For more information about SolarApp+, please use the following helpful links below:

For any questions, please contact Building Division at 760-839-4647 or via email here