Every five years, the City of Escondido Economic Development team updates the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The CEDS is a document that uses data and community feedback to create policy and activity priorities for a five year timeframe. The document must be adopted by City Council and then filed with the federal government bureau, the Economic Development Administration (EDA). Learn more about the federal EDA CEDS. 

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Here is the City's current CEDS document which outlines key industries and projects:

Why it matters

The CEDS is a way to set a plan to attract and retain high-wage and critical businesses. Businesses play an important role in our community, providing jobs, goods and services to our residents. Many businesses also provide sales tax revenue, and serve as a catalyst to attract investment into the City to fund infrastructure improvements. 

This document serves as a way to unite the City with private sector, nonprofit and other government entities on the economic development priorities of the City that will create a healthy economy. One in which people can find the jobs they want to grow their careers, and that provides the financial backbone of the community. 

Your participation is important

In this process, in addition to analyzing the data and learning from economic trends, and historical policies, the City wants to hear feedback from business leaders, employees, and residents, regarding what policies and activities would help attract and keep desirable business in Escondido. 

Please complete the online survey linked below:

(Haz lo en español: Ciudad de Escondido CEDS Encuesta)

Escondido CEDS Survey Form

Ciudad de Escondido CEDS Encuesta


June 2022: Economic Development subcommittee meeting to begin the process of updating the CEDS

July 2022: The planning process begins to create a new CEDS; community information meetings like this one at the Greater Escondido Chamber of Commerce, to gather initial community feedback

August: City staff drafts RFP for CEDS consultant

September: City attorney and finance department approve RFP 

October 2022: Release the RFP for a CEDS consultant

November 2022: Potential consultant interviews

December 2022: Consultant selected

January 2023: Consultant work commences, literature review

February 2023: Data gathering and collection

March 2023: City staff presentation of literature and data, community survey design, community meetings commence

April 2023: Community meetings continue, Economic Development subcommittee presentation and feedback

May 2023: Community meetings continue, preparation of final report

June 2023: Presentation of CEDS to City Council for adoption and submission to the EDA



An online community input survey for the CEDS will be available soon. If you have additional feedback or would like more information, please contact our team

(Haz lo en español: Ciudad de Escondido CEDS Encuesta)