The Utilities Department operates the HARRF to provide wastewater treatment and recycled water production for the City.  Solids removed from the wastewater stream in the primary and secondary treatment processes are processed in onsite sludge digesters.  

The HARRF consists of the following conveyance and treatment units: mechanical and manual barscreens, grit removal systems, primary clarifiers, aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, flocculation basins, filters, chlorine disinfection, chemical feed facility, dissolved air flotation thickeners (DAFT), anaerobic digesters, solids dewatering centrifuges, flow equalization basin, energy recovery system, and major pump stations including an influent pump station, a return activated sludge/waste activated sludge (RAS/WAS) pump station, a secondary effluent pump station, and a reclaimed water pump station.  All of the plant's machinery and processes are managed by the Maintenance & Operations staff. 






Maintenance staff consists of the Superintendent, Control System Analyst, Control Systems Technicians and Plant Systems Technicians:

  • Control Systems Technicians perform a variety of skilled maintenance duties involved in the installation, repair, maintenance, and programming of instrumentation, electrical/electronic equipment, telemetry systems and equipment, and wiring in water and/or wastewater treatment plants, sewage lift stations, water distribution facilities, and hydro-electric plants.
  • Plant Systems Technicians perform a variety of skilled and semi-skilled duties involved in the maintenance and repair of the City’s water and/or wastewater treatment plants and allied facilities; performs highly skilled tasks involved in the repair or fabrication of equipment parts at a water and/or wastewater treatment plants and allied facilities; and participates in the mechanical repair of equipment used in the water and wastewater systems.
  • The facility also has a dedicated Control System Analyst on staff who performs skilled duties in the development, update, modification, operation, administration, troubleshooting, design and support of the City's utilities control systems including software applications in PLC logic and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to ensure critical water/wastewater systems function efficiently and effectively on a 24/7 basis.

Operations staff consists of the Superintendent and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators team:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators performs a variety of duties essential to the operation of a major wastewater treatment, disposal, and reclamation facility on an assigned shift; inspects, operates, monitors, and maintains a variety of facilities, equipment, and systems involved in various processes of the wastewater treatment plant facility; monitors plant operation through visual observation and computer screens; regulates flows; performs chemical analysis and tests; and performs a variety of related duties to ensure the facility's final effluent is of the best quality in order to protect all downstream receiving waters and their users while utilizing plant resources wisely and efficiently.