Preventing Sewage Spills

Help us keep our waterways healthy and clean! Sewage spills and overflows cause harm to the environment, especially if wastewater reaches storm drains or waterways. You can help prevent overflows from your property or the City's wastewater collection system by doing the following;

  • Do not flush wet wipes, feminine products or anything other than toilet paper. Even if products are labeled flushable, they do not disintegrate like toilet paper and cause major problems at pumping facilities and the treatment plant. Trash it, do not flush it!
  • Cooking grease goes in the trash! Pour used cooking oil into an old glass jar or container, and throw it in the trash. Alternatively, allow it to harden and scoop it out with a paper towel or scraper. Environmental Programs oversees a pretreatment program to control Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) in wastewater.
  • Get to know your sewer pipes. Inspect sewer pipes at the first indication of backup into drains inside your home. This should be done by a plumber with proper equipment to video camera your lateral, the sewer line from your home to the connection with the City sewer main in the street. If the problem requires repair, do not delay in repairing your sewer lateral.