Escondido Creek Trail LogoEscondido Creek Trail LogoStarting in early 2010, residents brought forward a vision of the Escondido Creek as a linear park. The City engaged with the community to gather feedback which resulted in the following important planning documents: Revealing Escondido Creek vision plan and the Escondido Creek Trail Master Plan. Two top priorities that emerged were to complete the Missing Link bike path between Broadway and Centre City Parkway and to create safe mid-block crossings along the length of the Creek Trail. As funding has become available, these improvements have been prioritized. The Missing Link bike path was completed in 2019 and work on the mid-block crossings is underway as the result of receiving an Active Transportation Project Grant. 

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Prop 68 Statewide Park Program $8.5 Million Grant 

February 2020 Update: We WON! 

The City of Escondido has been awarded $8.5 million from the California Parks Department to fund the Escondido Creek Trail Expansion and Renovation Project. These funds, made available through the Prop 68 Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program, will bring to life the community’s vision for revitalizing the Escondido Creek Trail and turning it into a premier linear park.  

In August 2019, the State Parks Department received 478 project applications requesting $2.3 billion. The amount requested greatly exceeded the $254.9 million available in this funding cycle, highlighting the statewide need and underscoring how competitive this grant was. Of the 478 project applications, only 62 projects were awarded, for a total of $254,942,000 in grants statewide. The Escondido Creek Trail was one of only nine projects funded at the maximum $8.5 million level and only one of three projects funded in San Diego County.

Tentative Project Timeline:

  • September/October 2020 - Community Stakeholder Meetings 
  • October 2020 - Public Design Workshop #1
  • November 2020 - Schematic Design
  • December 2020 - Public Design Workshop #2
  • January - November 2021 - Preparation of Construction Documents (60%, CEQA, 90%, 100%, Bid Set)
  • January 2022 - Construction Begins
  • Spring 2024 - Ribbon Cutting
  • March 2024 - Notice of Project Completion

Continue to check this webpage for more project updates and ways to provide feedback.

October 2019 Update: The City has been invited to move forward in the competitive grant process and will receive a site visit from the State Natural Resources Agency in November!

In 2018, California voters approved Prop 68, the Parks and Water Bond Act, which sets aside funds for both competitive and per capita grants to be used toward improvements to parks and recreational facilities. As part of the City's commitment to re-imagining the Escondido Creek Trail as a recreational and environmental asset to support a healthy community and a healthy creek, we applied for $8.5 million in Statewide Park Program funding specifically to make improvements to the Escondido Creek Trail. Details of the community outreach process, grant project scope, and anticipated timeline are included below.

The City held four community design workshops, three pop-up events, and conducted a survey where public input was received. View the design workshop presentation here.

  • July 4, 2019 56th Annual Independence Day Festival Pop-Up
  • July 11, 2019 Design Workshop AM
  • July 11, 2019 Design Workshop PM
  • July 13, 2019 Movies in the Park Pop-Up
  • July 18, 2019 Validation Workshop AM
  • July 18, 2019 Validation Workshop PM
  • July 20, 2019 Washington Park Grand Re-Opening Celebration

Participation and feedback were very positive and represented a diverse range of suggestions for improvements to the Escondido Creek Trail. Staff and project consultants weighed community feedback, grant application factors, engineering and maintenance feasibility considerations, budget, and grant timeline when determining the final project scope that was submitted with the grant application. Residents want to see the Escondido Creek Trail become a premier linear park with a separation between wheeled users and walkers, connecting the community, the urban landscape, and other communities.

Grant Project Scope:
The Escondido Creek Trail Expansion and Renovation project would improve approximately 4.5 miles of the existing Escondido Creek Trail (between Harmony Grove Road and Midway Drive) and add approximately 0.4 miles of new bicycle path (between Harmony Grove Road and the Citracado Parkway extension) to the linear park. This project will create a double-sided trail on approximately 1.7 miles; on one side will be the existing Class I bicycle path, on the other will be a new DG trail.

Opening the closed side of the Creek Trail, removing asphalt and building a firm surface path, and adding recreation features will add approximately 1.7 miles of new trail and 2.5 acres of parkland, in the heart of Escondido’s severely/disadvantaged community area. Expanding into this space will separate users in a way that will enhance the use for both. Bicycles and skateboarders will be able to travel at their desired rate of speed without worrying about small children wandering in the path. Pedestrians and joggers will have a path that is better designed for their physical needs and will have amenities such as adult fitness equipment, children’s play pockets and pocket gardens.

Improvements between Citracado Parkway Extension and Harmony Grove Road will be minimal, including:

  • Improvements to existing paved path (new surface coat, lane lines)
  • New fencing (6’ vinyl chain link or split rail depending on the grade)
  • Low intensity path lighting for safety
  • Trash receptacles, trail monuments and signage

Improvements between Harmony Grove Road and Centre City Parkway will be minimal, including:

  • Low intensity path lighting for safety
  • Trash receptacles, trail gateways, trail monuments and signage
  • Approximately 0.5 acres of landscaping and up to 25 trees with irrigation

Improvements between Broadway and Rose Street will be more extensive and will include:

  • Vinyl chain link fencing (6’ +/-) replacing existing and adding new fence along the top of the channel
  • Upgraded fencing (6’) for first 100 feet from each roadway intersection (tubular steel)
  • Trail gateways, monuments and signage
  • Decorative murals on some of the concrete flood channel walls
  • Trash/recycling receptacles, dog waste bag stations, water filling stations, benches and up to 21 activity stations (fitness, adventure play, skate features)
  • Over 1.5 acres of landscaping and up to 50 trees with irrigation
  • Cantilevered trees/viewing areas

Improvements between Rose Street and Midway Drive will be moderate, including:

  • Adding new vinyl chain link fencing (6’ +/-) along the new firm surface trail
  • Upgraded fencing (6’) for first 100 feet from the Rose Street intersection (tubular steel)
  • Trail monuments and signage
  • Trash/recycling receptacles, dog waste bag stations, water filling stations
  • Approximately 0.33 acres of landscaping and up to 11 trees with irrigation


Escondido Creek Trail Street Crossing Improvements Project

This project is funded through the $1,632,000 Active Transportation Grant that the City received in November 2018 and focuses on 2.5 miles of the Escondido Creek Trail between Juniper Street and Citrus Avenue. In the Escondido Creek Trail Master Plan (2012), pedestrian crosswalks were planned for these locations. Since the acceptance of the Creek Trail Master Plan, the City has adopted a Traffic Management Toolbox as well as a revised City of Escondido Crosswalk Policy (Traffic Policy #4). These new standards allow for innovative traffic calming and traffic safety measures in addition to those discussed in the Master Plan, including pedestrian activated rapid flashing beacons, high visibility crosswalks, pedestrian refuges, and pedestrian signals.

At each of the seven (7) locations where the Creek Trail intersects a roadway, the project will provide appropriate pedestrian crosswalk treatments, including pedestrian signals, lighting, signage, striping, and pedestrian ramps as necessary. The project will result in a fully connected trail extending through Escondido’s urban core from the Transit Center to the eastern City limits nearly five (5) miles away.

Staff are currently working on scheduling community design workshops in support of this project. Check back for dates and additional information.

Missing Link 

In early 2019, the Missing Link project was completed, installing a Class IV Cycle Track, and filling the gap in the Escondido Creek Trail between the Escondido Transit Center and Broadway. Learn more about this project here

Escondido Creek Conservancy

The Escondido Creek Conservancy's mission is to preserve and restore the Escondido Creek Watershed. Learn more about their current projects here.    

Escondido Education Compact

Escondido Education Compact offers a variety of volunteer and philanthropic ways to support our community. Adopt-A-Creek Trail is a program that encourages community organizations, businesses, and student interns to adopt and help beautify a portion of the Escondido Creek Trail.