The two most recent additions to the ever-increasing list of items that can be recycled are Styrofoamâ„¢ and aseptic cartons.  All Styrofoamâ„¢ packing materials will be accepted for recycling except for packing peanuts.  Packing peanuts should be either reused or placed in your trash bin.  Styrofoamâ„¢ food containers placed in your recycling bin must be free of food residue.  Aseptic packing containers include milk and juice cartons, coconut water boxes, soy milk cartons, soup containers, ice cream cartons, and many others. 





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Don't Forget!

All rigid plastics #1 - #7 should be placed in your recycling cart.  Please do NOT include PVC pipe, vinyl, plastic bags, or plastic sheeting.  Examples of rigid plastics:  laundry baskets, lawn furniture, empty and clean kitty littler buckets, garbage cans, garbage cans, nursery pots/trays.


Continue to Place These Items in Your Recycling Cart

  • All types of paper (no food contamination, plastic/waxy layers, paper towels or tissue)
  • All plastic beverage containers #1 - #7
  • All plastic jugs #1 - #7
  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin & steel cans
  • Glass jars & bottles (all colors)


 Goodwill Commercial Solutions collects, sorts, recycles, repurposes, and shreds used textiles so they can be used as rags, stuffing for products and automobiles, and by-product used by the agricultural industry. Visit the following Goodwill locations to donate your textiles:

315 W Washington Ave

1996 Don Lee Pl

1815 Centre City Pkwy #A 


For More Information, Please Call Recycling Staff at 760-839-6216.