More Lanes Ahead...Drive Safely and Thanks For Your Patience.

This project takes the narrow and traffic burdened East Valley Parkway thoroughfare to Valley Center and widens the road to help improve the flow of traffic. The end result will widen East Valley Parkway and Valley Center Road from Beven Drive to the Northern City limits, getting you where you need to be faster!

Schedule: September 2017 - August 2018



  • New six lane extension of East Valley Parkway.
  • Undergrounding of existing overhead utilities.
  • Construction of a sound wall, landscaped medians and sidewalks.
  • Bridge widening over the Escondido Creek
  • Traffic signal modifications and addition of 22 new LED street lights.
  • Green street design with over 100 new trees.


On September 22nd traffic control was placed to accommodate construction. Staff has adjusted traffic signals to convey the maximum amount of traffic through the work zone. Our Traffic Engineering and maintenance staff continue to make adjustments to the signals in the area during morning and evening commutes. We have heard from several sources that the adjustments have been generally effective. However, Friday evening commutes, which are often driven by events, continue to be the most congested time periods. Further, the month of October is generally very heavily congested due to traffic headed to the Bates Nut Farm. The project duration does not allow avoidance of impacts during the month of October.

Cutting through residential neighborhoods only results in increased delays. The traffic signals are designed to continue to be green in the through direction unless there is traffic from the side streets. Motorists that cut through neighborhoods REDUCE the amount of green time available for the through traffic and ultimately INCREASE CONGESTION. Signs were posted to limit traffic on residential streets to local traffic only. We ask that drivers observe these signs and remain on East Valley Parkway.


Storm Drain Installation     

Grading Operation

 Escondido Creek Bridge Pile Driver Operations Video

For further details on the Project Updates, please click on the provided link - October 23,2017

Project Items

Work Schedule

Scope of Work

Item 1


Mobilization – Clearing (east-side), installation of project information signs and erosion control devices.

Item 2

Mid-September - November 2017

Construction of new roadway segment along Valley Center Road, North of Lake Wohlford Road

Item 3

Mid-September - December 2017

 Bridge widening begins across Escondido Creek.

Item 4

November-December 2017

Construction of 8 foot sound wall.

Item 5

January-February 2018

Utility Conversion

Item 6

March-April 2018

Construction of concrete improvements on east-side of Valley Parkway

Item 7

April 2018

Construction of new roadway section from one lane in each direction to three lanes in each direction from Beven Dr. to Lake Wohlford Rd.

Item 8

Mid-May 2018

Installation of 22 LED street lights along project limits. Modification of the existing traffic signals at Beven Dr. and Lake Wohlford Rd. Activation of new traffic signal and new street lights.

Item 9

Mid-May 2018

Irrigation for 100+ trees, shrubs, and drought tolerant plants

Item 10

Late-June 2018

Masonry wall and concrete improvements.

Item 11

Mid-August 2018

Project Close-out

Total Project Cost: $9.7 Million

Funding sources include an $800,000 contribution from the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians, a $675,000 Highway Safety Improvement Program Grant, a $1.6 million Demonstration Grant, TransNet and Traffic Impact Fees.

  • Ricardo Cervantes, City of Escondido Field Engineering Inspector
    Office: (760) 839-3853, Email: rcervantesa@escondido.org
  • Frank Gonzalez, L.B. Civil Project Manager
    Office: (760) 294-0974