Caring for Escondido’s Urban Forest One Tree at a Time

In comparison with other cities in the region, Escondido has the largest number of trees per square mile.

In 2020, the City inventoried 53,464 trees, with a total estimated value of over $321 million. We have identified nearly 340 different types of trees. We have also identified 3400 vacant tree planting sites throughout the city.

Request A Free Tree

The City of Escondido’s Request a Free Tree program provides residents with an opportunity to have a tree planted in a vacant site within the City right of way or adjacent to their residence.

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Urban Forestry In Escondido

Urban Forestry: The cultivation and management of native or introduced trees and related vegetation in urban areas for their present and potential contribution to the economic, physiological, sociological, and ecological well-being of urban society.

- California Urban Forestry Act of 1978

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Tree Services

The City of Escondido is one of the few cities in San Diego county that employs a city tree crew in addition to tree service contractors. These employees are directly responsible for the management of Escondido’s Urban Forest and provide an array of services from emergency response to tree assessment. Click below to see the specific list of services the city provides.

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