Small Business Grant: Facade Improvement and CPTED Property Enhancement Funding

In 2021, Escondido City Council authorized two grant programs. A facade improvement program aimed at addressing ongoing concerns with the physical appearance of the downtown and commercial areas and a CPTED program aimed at addressing the impacts of illegal homeless encampments and civic disorder.

These grants are funded using Federal money allocated to the City of Escondido through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. The City Council established these programs to provide matching grants to business and property owners that wish to renovate, enhance, and improve highly visible buildings along core commercial corridors throughout the City. The City recognizes that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have suffered financially and struggled to keep up with or improve their facades. These funds are a way to address some of these challenges and restore vibrancy and further preservation to our community.

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Project Eligibility Guidelines

The following shall be eligible for funding through the program:


  •  Rehabilitation, reconstruction, or restoration to the exterior, street side of a building facade.
  •  Glass, windows, doors, trim, and accessories that are part of the street side facade.
  •  Awnings, canopies, fences, and landscaping features.
  • Street grade entrances which contribute to activity along street edge.
  •  Professional architectural/design/contractor fees as deemed appropriate for eligible projects.


  •  Lighting.
  •  Increase lines of sight /visibility from the street.
  •  Fencing.
  •  Landscaping that follows CPTED principles.
  •  Securing trash enclosures.
  •  Signs related to criminal activity (loitering, illegal parking, trespassing, etc.)

Applicants are eligible for both the facade improvement and the CPTED property enhancement funding in the same application cycle. However, if applying for both facade improvement and CPTEDP property enhancement, an application for each must be completed with separate bid and financial documentation.

Notice of Funding Availability


  • Interior improvements.
  • Roof repairs.
  • Non-street facing entrances.
  • Marquee business signs, fluttering devices/banners, billboards, moving/rotating signs, temporary signs, reader boards, anything that flashes or adds glare onto public ways or adjacent properties.
  • Building for residential, non-profit, churches or places of worship, and governmental uses are not eligible.
  • Non-permanent or temporary structures.


  1. Businesses must have been established prior to January 2020.
  2. Property owners must have owned the property prior to January 2020.
  3. Applicants must exhibit how their business or property has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. A property must be located within City limits and within a commercial zone.
  5. A property must be located in one of the following: Commercial Arterial (CA), Commercial Shopping District (CSD), Commercial Neighborhood (CN), Commercial Office (CO), and Commercial Business District (CBD) zones or be a conforming commercial use in a non-commercial zone; commercial zone.
  6. Businesses must meet the definition of a small business meaning they:
    1. Have no more than 500 employees, or if applicable, the size standard in number of employees established by the Administrator of the Small Business Administration for the industry in which the business concern or organization operates.
    2. Are a small business concern as defined in Section 3 of the Small Business Act (which includes, among other requirements, that the business is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field of operation).
  7. The owner, for himself and his successors, shall agree to maintain improvements for a minimum of a five-year period.
  8. The project shall increase taxable value of building or be a project that does increase the valuation of surrounding property.

All funded activities must comply with Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to labor standards and payment of prevailing wages for contracted work.




  1. Private contribution over and above the requested match.
  2. Present condition of existing facade and/or negative impact of activity in the surrounding area.
  3. The building’s overall public visibility (i.e., the building’s relationship to commercial streets, public parks, etc.)
  4. Expected increase in assessed value of improvement.
  5. Historic preservation and/or rehabilitation.
  6. Support the character of the neighborhood and streetscape.
  7. Priority will be given to applicants located within the Qualified Census Tract
  8. Priority will be given to applicants within the South Centre City Specific Plan, East Valley Parkway Area Plan , and Downtown Specific Plan.
  9. Priority will be given to projects that benefit partner projects on same block or within the same business park.


In order to apply for this grant you must complete the survey form via the button below. In addition to completing this, you must also attach the following documents

Please note, if you are applying for both Facade Improvement and CPTED Property Enhancement funding then you must include attachments 1-5 for each project.

1. Project Application

2. Detailed Project Description

The project narrative should relate how the project will fulfill the criteria that staff will use to review the application. Specifically:

  • In detail, what improvements are being done and why they are necessary
  • The history of the building
  • How the project will benefit the community and the immediate streetscape
  • The estimated project start and completion dates.

3. Detailed Project Budget

The project budget should identify each component mentioned (including labor at a prevailing wage) and a detail of each component part, cost of unit, number of units, and total cost. For projects of complexity, a cover sheet showing total component costs split into labor and materials helps.

  • Photographs of current conditions for each area of requested funding
  • Photographs that are taken from far away to get the general scope
  • Photographs that are taken up close to show detail
  • Photographs of the facade and business sign as seen from a street side view

4. Renderings of Proposed Changes

  • A proposed “after picture”, rendering, or engineering/architectural document showing the finished product
  • Please submit color renderings
  • Material or textile examples.

5. Federal W-9 Form

This form should identify the individual or organization to be reimbursed. If the recipient is an organization or business, proof must be provided that the grant signatory has the authority to sign. The digital form can be found HERE

6. Facade Improvement and CPTED Property Enhancement Funding checklist

7. Signed Terms and Conditions

8. Proof of property owner authorization

  • Not required if the applicant is the property owner

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Kick off Meeting Video

The City will be hosting a virtual kick-off meeting to announce the project and answer any questions. This meeting will be held on 5/18/22 at 1:30pm. If you miss the meeting or are unable to attend, check back here to review the recording.

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If you have any additional questions regarding this grant please email us HERE

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