Restaurants and other businesses that sell, serve, produce and manufacture food products must install and maintain FOG removal equipment, such as clarifiers, interceptors and grease traps.  Installation requires permits and inspections from the Building and Pretreatment Divisions.  In addition, any business considered a potential source of FOG release into the sewer system is inspected at least twice a year during unannounced visits. 

The FOG Program is essential to the protection of the City of Escondido’s sanitary sewer system.  FOG that enters a sewer pipe adheres to rags, roots, the walls of the pipe and other obstructions which can block the wastewater flow and result in an overflow of sewage.  Overflows can flood businesses and residences and harm the environment. 

This compliance program is maintained, in part, by sewer service fees paid annually by all food service establishments with Class II Industrial User Permits.  Violations of the program can result in citations and fines.  Business can also be charged for costs such as repair or clean-up from system blockages or overflows caused by their violation of the program.

The current fee, $160.00 per year, is being incorporated into business license renewals.  For updates to the fee, review the Fee Inventory here:

If you have or witness an illegal discharge, immediately contact the City of Escondido Pretreatment Division at 760-839-4668.  Questions on the program can be directed to the same number.