The project extends Citracado Parkway from Andreasen Drive to Harmony Grove Village Parkway with a new bridge over Escondido Creek. The project adds an additional lane in the median of Citracado Parkway between Valley Parkway and Avenida del Diablo. To improve safety and accessibility, new traffic signals are provided at Harmony Grove Road/Kuana Loa and Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Park driveway.


Phase Start Finish
Utility Relocation Sept. 2022 November 2023
Grading Sept. 2022 January 2023
Bridge Foundations October 2022 January 2023
Bridge Columns & Deck January 2023 December 2023
Roadway Construction Sept. 2022 January 2024
Sound Walls (east side) February 2023 May 2023
Sound Walls (west side) May 2023 November 2023
Landscaping October 2022 December 2023


 January 05, 2023 STATUS UPDATE

After four months of construction on the Citracado Parkway Extension project, the first major milestone has been met. Contractors have been working extended days and weekends to re-route a major water line to outside of the creek bed. The new temporary pipeline was connected and energized early this morning. This temporary pipeline will allow crews to grade the new roadway and complete bridge foundations along the north side of the creek that was previously inaccessible due to shallow and aging water lines. The permanent water lines will be installed in the new bridge, thereby protecting them from erosion. With the current storm predictions, timing for removing shallow water lines from the creek bed couldn’t have been better.

Construction of the bridge foundations continue. The first photo shows the placement of the first bridge abutment completed on December 20th. Bridge foundation work will continue through February after which the contractor will begin placement of the falsework that will serve as the structure that holds the concrete in place for the new bridge columns and deck as they cure (harden).

Work on the existing segment of Citracado Parkway between Harmony Grove Village Parkway and W. Valley Parkway continues to focus on constructing a new median and pavement. In an effort to ease southbound Citracado traffic near its intersection with W. Valley Parkway, the City is working with the project contractor to complete street improvements near the intersection to provide additional turning lane capacity. In February, the contractor will begin the first phase of soundwalls installation, along the north-bound side of Citracado Parkway. Affected residents have been contacted and additional coordination regarding timelines specific to each property will be provided at least one week prior to work on their property.

Please see provided link for resident door hanger.

Bridge Abutment Construction

Citracado Median Widening 


November 17, 2022 STATUS UPDATE

Work on the future Citracado Parkway between Harmony Grove Village Parkway and S. Andreasen Road is focusing on excavation of bridge foundations (two abutments and one pier) and future storm water basin. This work is currently underway, and anticipated to extend through mid-February.

Bridge Abutment Construction

Work on the existing Citracado Parkway between Harmony Grove Village Parkway and W. Valley Parkway will continue to focus on constructing the new median configuration and new adjacent pavement areas. This work is anticipated to extend through the end of the year. This work will be followed by existing fence, sidewalk and tree removals on northbound Citracado Parkway to allow for construction of new project sound walls.

Citracado South Side Median



The project shortens response times and improves safety by providing a direct southerly route to Palomar Hospital, North County's Regional Trauma Center. In addition, the project improves circulation with a bridge across Escondido Creek.


  •   $12.5 Million: Local Partnership Grant of SB-1 funds from Caltrans


  • $13 Million: Palomar Hospital


  •   $13 Million: TransNet and Traffic Impact fees


Public Outreach Liaison

Aja Stansell, Senior Public Relations Specialist, Kleinfelder



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