The quickest way to report issues is to use the Report It app. Instructions to download the app are below. If you do not have a smartphone, you can report an issue to the City Manager's Office by calling 760-839-4631.

Report It is a real-time mobile civic engagement platform for Escondido residents. Report It provides a free and simple way for people to use their smartphone to report community problems such as graffiti or potholes. A picture is worth a thousand words and Report It! makes it a snap. Download it today.

Installation Instructions

Available on iPhone

iPhone Users

From iPhone devices go to the iTunes App Store and search for Escondido Report It.

You can also type in the iTunes store URL directly into your web address bar.

Available on Android

Android Users

On an Android device, open the Google Play app and search for Escondido Report It.

You can also type this Play Store link directly into your address bar on the phone (not on the desktop).

Helpful Tips

  • Stay safe; don't attempt to use Report It (or any app for that matter) while driving.
  • Try to provide additional comments such as streets, cross-streets, or landmarks.
  • Avoid zooming in fully when taking the photograph. Try to include any identifying or distinguishing objects that are nearby.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests with multiple photos. Submit the single best photo or ticket representing the issue and include comments for multiple tags.