Old Escondido Neighborhood GroupMission Statement

The objectives of the OEHD shall be:

  1. To protect, preserve and promote the Historic Early Residential Area of Escondido, California.
  2. To foster community improvement and property maintenance within the OEHD.
  3. To encourage the restoration of properties in the area.
  4. To support the community by fostering civic pride, promoting communications between and among residents, and promoting the spirit of neighborliness and goodwill.
  5. To encourage and support, but not sponsor, political activity and legislation for the preservation, restoration, and improvement of the area.
  6. To increase the safety of the area for the residents and their property as well as visitors to the neighborhood by discouraging crime and encouraging traffic safety.
  7. To protect and enhance the value of properties located in the OEHD by supporting strict enforcement of building and zoning codes.

The aforementioned objectives are enhanced and further supported by the Escondido City Code which states: "It is the purpose and intent of the Old Escondido Neighborhood historic district to: (a) Preserve the single-family residential character of the neighborhood; (b) Preserve the historic/cultural resources of the neighborhood; and (c) Emphasize orientation towards pedestrian activities in the area."