Old Escondido Historic DistrictValuing the community's unique heritage, the City of Escondido established the Old Escondido Historic District in 1989. The district, featuring 900 homes built in the mid 1880s to date, is bounded by 4th Avenue on the north, 13th on the south, Escondido Boulevard to the west and Chestnut on the east.

From tiny Craftsman bungalows to magnificent Victorian homes, the area is a wonderful place to walk or tour by car. Many older homes are currently undergoing restoration—return visits will reveal steady improvement within the district. Home tours are offered annually on Mother's Day. For more information on the Mother's Day home tours, visit www.oldescondido.org.

In order to maintain the integrity of the historical district, every homeowner is required to obtain a "certificate of appropriateness" prior to initiating exterior improvements or change, including painting, window replacement, and fence installation, whether a home is on the historical register or not. Guidelines for Historic Preservation and other information can be obtained from the Planning Department at City Hall.