The Division is responsible for Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMD). The City of Escondido's LMD consists of 38 distinct zones of benefit. Benefiting units located within an LMD zone equally contribute to the respective LMD zone via a special assessment.

The LMD provides administration services to ensure well-maintained landscaped areas. These services include the development and monitoring of landscape maintenance budgets, providing direction and inspection services to maintenance contractors, stormwater maintenance, the development of landscape maintenance specifications, managing landscape maintenance contracts, assisting developers in the annexation of their projects into the LMD, and responding to homeowner/citizen inquiries regarding LMD landscape maintenance.

Zones 1-7 Sector Maps

If you would like to report a maintenance related concern, please use the Report-it link.



LMD Management Analyst

Rajesh Badri
Management Analyst II