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FAQ Cont.

Why is the project done in phases?

The Grand Avenue Vision Plan was intended to be constructed in phases as funding becomes available. The City received a Smart Growth Incentive Grant from SANDAG which was sufficient to construct Phase I. Recently, the City Council authorized $5 million in American Recovery Plan funding for design and construction of Phase II of the Grand Vision Plan.

What days/times is construction taking place?

Construction Schedule pending. Stay tuned.

When do I need to do what?

January 10, 2022 is light posts prep. For businesses with yellow dot in front of their business,10 feet clearance is required in all directions.

Will there be tools stored on-site?


Will the new light posts have banner brackets?

Yes, and they can also support hanging baskets for plants.

Will the trees, succulents be located on a different part of the median?

The landscape team will evaluate for possible relocations.

How do I stay in tune when construction begins?

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How was the design decisions made?

See Project History.

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