1. Daley RanchHours of Operation: Dawn to dusk, daily.
  2. Stay on designated marked trails. (Those identified by a name and mileage sign.) 
  3. All plants and animals are protected. The hunting or collecting of any natural features is prohibited.
  4. Possession of firearms or weapons of any type is prohibited.
  5. Private motorized vehicles are not permitted within the preserve. Visitors shall park in designated off-site area only.
  6. Fires are not allowed.
  7. Fishing, swimming, or overnight camping are not allowed.
  8. Dogs must remain on a leash that is no longer than 6' at all times.
  9. Take out what you bring in!
  10. Mountain bikers shall yield to hikers and equestrians.
  11. Hikers shall yield to equestrians.
  12. Alcohol is not allowed.
  13. Smoking is not allowed.

The Caballo Trail from the staging area to the Sage Trail is in poor condition.  Not recommended for equestrians or bicycles at this time. 

Use extreme caution on all other trails, as conditions change and trail treads deteriorate rapidly. Please check this page periodically for trail condition updates.