Dixon Lake

  • No swimming, wading, or bodily contact with the water.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in all areas except the campground.
  • The speed limits in the park are strictly enforced.
  • Daily fishing permits are required and must be purchased prior to fishing. Anglers found without permits may be asked to leave the park and forfeit all fish.
  • Charcoal fires only-no wood or presto logs. EXTREME FIRE DANGER AREA.
  • No firearms (including air propelled), bows or other weapons allowed in the park.
  • Private boats or private gas-powered outboard motors are not allowed.
  • Lake and shoreline areas east of the buoy line and the dam are closed to the public.
  • No gathering of vegetation or disturbing or harassing animals.
  • For a complete list of rules and regulations contact a Park Ranger at (760)839-4680.

Rules and Regulations for Dogs at Dixon Lake

  • All dogs must be maintained on a leash of no more than 6' at all times. The leash must be held or controlled by the person handling the dog.
  • All persons bringing dogs to Dixon Lake shall be responsible for immediately cleaning up after the dog. Waste disposal bags shall be placed in a trash can.
  • All dogs brought to Dixon Lake must have a current license issued by the animal regulation agency where the dog owner resides.  Proof of licensure or current vaccination record may be required at any time.
  • Dogs are not allowed within 50' of the shoreline, nor are they allowed in any boats on the lake.  Service animals are exempt from this requirement.
  • Dogs shall not be left unattended in any camper, motor home, tent, vehicle or other camping equipment at any time.  Animals in distress will be released from unattended vehicles by the appropriate enforcement agency.
  • Continually barking dogs in the campground may result in loss of camping privileges for the owner/handler.
  • Dogs are not to be tied to any trees, shrubs, posts, fences or other items at any time.
  • Owners of dogs displaying aggressive behavior, whether in the campground or day use areas, will be asked to leave the park with their dog(s).
  • No more than three dogs will be allowed in any campsite at any time.  Visitors to campsites must register any dogs at the concession stand prior to visiting any campsite. Visiting dogs are counted in the total number of dogs on the site.
  • No dogs are allowed in any buildings at Dixon Lake, including restrooms, the rental cabin or the Ranger station.  Service animals are exempt from this exclusion.

Failure to comply with these or other park regulations may cause immediate suspension of camping, fishing, or other privileges within the park by the Park Ranger. All fees are forfeited.