Date: July 26, 2017

Park hours: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Thursday and Friday nights till 11:45PM for shoreline fishing only) 

Dock closes:  7:00PM (Boats called in @ 6:45 PM) (Thursday and Friday nights only: Dock closes at 10:45)

Last Plant: July 21, 2017  1000 pounds of Channel Catfish

Next Plant: Aug 4, 2017 1000 pounds of Channel Catfish

Water Temperature:  83 degrees at the surface /78 degrees at 25 ft.     Water Level: steady  levels

Summer Night fishing starts July 13, 2017(Thursday and Friday nights)

Night fishing is here with the first 1000 pound stock of Channel Catfish on 7/07/17. Opening night was on Thursday July 13th 2017. Boats rentals start at 5 pm. Motorboats are $30 and rowboats are $14. Shoreline fishing is limited till 11:45 pm and boats are called in at 10:30 pm to be at the dock by 10:45pm. Permits prices remain the same for night fishing.  Dixon Lake will be stocking 6000 pounds total for the season ending September 1st. Best baits have been cut mackerel, shrimp, anchovies and chicken livers which our concession stocks all the varieties. Biggest catfish of the season goes to Nick Isalbell who landed a 18.7 lbs. on cut mackerel from Trout Cove and Tri Nguyen also using cut mackerel caught a 18.9 lbs. cat from the buoy line. Our next plant will be August 4th with another 1000 pound whisker fish drop in the boat dock cove area. 

Thanks to all anglers who visited Dixon Lake over the last six months to enjoy a great trout season.  There were some beautiful fish that went home with our anglers!  We'll be back to trout later this year, and we'll let you all know when we're ready to go.  Scheduling trout deliveries is completely based on water temps, so we'll watch carefully, and when the water meets the right temperature, we'll drop the fish right in! The final kudos go to Jonnny Sanchez who reeled in a whopper of a trout killing the scale at 15 lbs.12 oz. on a garlic worm inside of Jack Creek Cove.   The last trout of the season was a big one for Tanner Holt who was using a "flying Dutchman" lure at Trout Cove to pull in a 14 lbs. 12 oz. Tailwalker trout. A great way to end the season......

NEW LAKE RECORD.... our recent derby grand prize winner and a lake record was broken by Don Stephensen  (long time angler)  who pulled in a 16.82 pound Tailwalker rainbow trout while only using 4 pound test fishing line. The fish battled for 20 minutes before finally coming ashore. Don was using a "green smoking worm jig" between Pier #2 and Trout cove shoreline.  Don didn't give much time for the ink to dry as Steve Capps's name was only there for less than 6 weeks. It the third trout this season to be over the 16 pound mark. Check out our website for these wall of fame photos and other fish photos.

Bass activities are were off the charts for December and slowed down into January and February. Smaller size bass were CHASING shad schools into the cove areas and are putting on clinic on balling up the bait fish and then all exploding at once. It a crazy show to watch and see 10 to 15 bass crash the surface and then go silent again. Pier #2 and the area around it seem to be producing a good number of bass. Most the bass have went through the spawn and the lake has seen large numbers of bass fry....future world records. Long time local angler Mike Dispendsiero caught and release on 5-9-17 his personal best with an 11.29 pound bass.  Persistence pays off at this lake.  As always, to preserve the bass population, always capture the photo and then practice  catch and release.  For you jig chucker's....try any thing that matches the bait which resembles a small silver minnow or a small rainbow trout jig for the bigger bass.     

Dixon Lake staff encourages anglers who qualify to take advantage of “Senior/Military Wednesdays.” Senior citizens 60 and better and military personnel are eligible to rent an all-day motor boat for $18, or an all-day row boat for $12  Permits are $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for seniors over 60 and youths between the ages of 8-15 years old.

For more information on park rules, future stocking schedules, and other information, please call the Dixon Lake Ranger station at 760-839-4680, or visit

Dixon Lake can be found on Facebook at

Dixon Lake has been granted an Aquaculture Permit by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Therefore, anglers are not required to have a California fishing license while fishing at Dixon Lake.  However, all anglers 8 years and older must purchase a daily lake fishing permit (Adults - $7.00, Youth ages 8-15 and Seniors 60 and better $5.00). A second rod permit can be purchased for an additional $2.00.  Fishing permits are available for purchase at the concession stand near the Ranger Station.  All other park rules, fishing regulations and City of Escondido municipal codes will remain in effect and will be enforced by Park Rangers.