The role of a police officer in any community is a heavy responsibility.  They are the guardians of life and property, working on our behalf to keep us safe and to enforce laws that keep our society intact.  The Escondido City Council supports the men and women of our Escondido Police Department and we are grateful for their dedicated professionalism.   We are especially supportive of their community-oriented approach to policing and their efforts to foster effective communication with our residents and promote mutual trust. 

Over the past several weeks, many residents have gone out of their way to express appreciation to our officers.  Here’s another way you can do so – stop by the Escondido’s Police Department’s  33rd National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 2 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Grape Day Park. Law Enforcement personnel will be on hand at this free event to meet you,  answer questions and provide resource information on crime prevention and safety. There also will be entertainment, giveaways, activities for the family and food.   The event is sponsored by the Escondido Police Department, the Escondido Education COMPACT and Target.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the Escondido Police Department's Special Events Division at (760) 839-4961.


The risk of fire increases as temperatures rise and vegetation dries out. 

With more hot, dry weather still to come, Escondido fire officials ask you to look for potential fire hazards on or around your property.  Here are some items to check for: 

  • Clear any combustible material, weeds, brush, trees or other vegetation (including mulch) that is, or could become, dry and catch on fire
  • Maintain plantings within one hundred feet of a structure. Doing so can slow down or redirect the movement of a fire, and it will also allow firefighters the space they need to defend your property.
  • Ensure that properties of more than one acre have one hundred feet clearance from structures and fifty feet clearance around the perimeter.
  • Store firewood a minimum of thirty feet from structures and separated from the crown of trees by a minimum of fifteen feet. 

For further information, please contact the Escondido Fire Department (760) 839-5417, (760) 839-5400 or visit 

Pavement Repair and Rehabilitation Program

Escondido’s road system is the City’s single largest asset. Like any capital investment, a road system must be maintained in a timely manner to minimize its life cycle costs and receive the maximum long-term benefit from the investment.  Road pavements deteriorate under the action of traffic and heavy vehicle loading. In addition, road pavements naturally age due to environmental factors such as temperature, sunlight and water getting into pavement layers. A well-maintained road system is crucial to an effective commercial delivery system and the economic vitality of a community. If roads are left too long without proper maintenance and timely overlays, they must be completely reconstructed at a much higher cost.

The year’s Pavement Maintenance Program project will treat over 4.3 million square feet of pavement.  It will include minor patching, major rehabilitation work, application of crackseal, pavement surface treatments to selected City streets, and restriping to accommodate bike lanes in compliance with the City’s Bike Master Plan. 

Work is expected to  begin in July and will focus on residential streets in Maintenance Zone CS, which is the area north of Felicita Avenue, south of Fifth Avenue, and east of Interstate 15.  Substantial work will also take place on Auto Parkway, Centre City Parkway, East Valley Parkway, and Escondido Blvd. For a list of streets to be included in this year’s program please visit the City’s website at 

 For general information about the City of Escondido, please visit


Escondido is now participating in six Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs that allow commercial and residential property owners to finance 100% of their renewable energy projects through long-term, low-cost financing that is re-paid through their existing property tax bill. 

These six programs are:

 For more information about these programs please visit the city’s website at