City of Escondido


Storm Water Program

Keeping Our Watersheds Healthy

The City of Escondido is committed to improve the quality of our local creeks and lakes and prevent pollution of these water bodies.

Call the Public Works Department at 760-839-4668 to report any spills or violations of storm water regulations.

Storm Water Program

We all contribute to the pollution of our creeks and lakes by allowing pollutants to enter our storm drains. Storm drains are pipe systems that prevent flooding of our streets by channeling storm water directly to our creeks and lakes. Anything that flows into the storm drains ends up in our creeks untreated. Storm drains are not connected to our sewer pipe system, which takes wastewater from homes and businesses and treats it at the wastewater treatment plant on Hale Avenue.

You are the solution to the pollution. By following simple Best Management Practices at home and at work, you can prevent runoff and the pollutants it carries from entering the storm drain system.