Purpose of Program

The City of Escondido’s Management Internship Program was designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of local government. Specifically, the program is geared toward students who have a desire of obtaining a career in local government with intent of giving them hands on learning experience. The program is designed to recruit talented students into the organization and prepare them for successful careers in local government. 


Participants must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Must have completed at least two years of college education and be enrolled in a college class that requires participation in an internship program.
  • Be a current graduate student attending a college or university.
  • Per FLSA compliance, all interns must receive academic credit from their college or university. 
  • Selected candidates are required to complete a LiveScan background check at no cost to the student, which must be completed prior to participation in the Management Internship Program.

Duration & Schedule

A typical semester internship will result in a four (4) month commitment to the City. During this four month commitment, students can expect to rotate between two to four (2-4) departments of their choice. Rotational assignments will benefit students by allowing them to gain exposure to City practices and procedures.  

Departments will work with the student to develop a mutually beneficial schedule, with the understanding that the student has school commitments. If the student has minimum hour requirements through their school program, departments will work together to meet those needs. A typical semester internship will result in an average of eight (8) hours per week, which results in approximately 120-150 hours of commitment to the City of Escondido.


Rotations for each student may vary depending on their area of study. Generally, a student can expect to spend four (4) weeks in each department of their choice. 

Students can expect to learn a key base for learning in each of these departments of their choice.

Selection Process

All interested applicants must submit a completed City of Escondido Volunteer/Internship Application. The applicant must also submit a written statement regarding their interest in local government and their selected departments of choice must be attached to the application. Two references must also be provided.


City Attorney:  The Attorney’s office advises the City Council, City Departments, and City Boards and Commissions regarding legal and regulatory matters of concern to the City and its operations. In addition, the office represents the City in all civil lawsuits and administrative proceedings filed against or on behalf of the City.

City Clerk:  This office maintains the legislative history of City Council actions; provides safe keeping and storage of the City's official records and archives; responds to public records requests; and provides retrieval and legislative research for City departments and the public. This office also provides centralized processing of all public hearing and bid notices; maintains campaign and economic interest statement filings; oversees local elections; facilitates the recruitment and appointments to boards and commissions.

City Manager:  The City Manager's office supports the information and policy-making needs of the Council, implements Council decisions and directives, and manages the day-to-day operations of City departments.

City Treasurer:  The City Treasurer's office invests surplus funds according to the City's Investment Policy. It also handles banking relations and monitors bond administration and assessment districts administration.

Community Development:  The Community Development Department is comprised of four divisions working together to protect life and property, to improve the quality of life and the environment, and to address the City's housing needs:

Building Division:  The Building Division protects life and property through the application and enforcement of codes and standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures in the city.

Code Enforcement:  The Code Enforcement Division protects life, safety, and property through the enforcement of codes and standards for the maintenance and regulation of property, buildings, and structures in the city. The Division also enforces the requirements for the licensing of all persons conducting business within the City of Escondido.

Economic Development:  The Economic Development Division (EDD) is a small but energetic staff dedicated to working with businesses and business organizations to attract quality businesses and good paying jobs, improve their environment, connect them with resources, convey their issues to decision makers, and provide them with relevant market information they can benefit from.

Planning:  The Planning Division assists in maintaining and improving the quality of life and the environment through the General Plan Implementation Program and the development review process.

Community Services:  The Community Services Department looks forward to serving the public with enriching programs, services and opportunities that are designed for the residents of Escondido.

Housing:  The Housing Division analyzes low-to-moderate-income-housing needs; recommends policies and programs; plans and administers affordable housing programs; and provides housing information and referrals.

Library:  The Library is a source for up-to-date book, video, books on tape, and CD collection of over 300,000 items; state-of-the-art technology and resources, including Internet access and word processing.

Maintenance & Operations:  As part of the Community Services Department, Maintenance & Operations covers a wide range of areas such as street maintenance, City parks and landscaping, building maintenance for City facilities, City fleet services, and recycling.

Neighborhood Services:  Neighborhood Services is responsible for administration of CDBG Public Service and General Fund Human Service Grant programs and projects.  The division also manages capital projects related to neighborhood improvements and acts as the primary liaison between the City, neighborhood organizations, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Recreation:  The Recreation Division provides life-enriching recreational programs and activities for people of all ages, from infants to older adults. Leisure classes are offered in personal enrichment, music, dance, arts & crafts, swimming, preschool, tennis, and health & fitness; special programs for youth include the On Track before and after school program and day camps; and sports activities and leagues including softball, roller hockey, and arena soccer are scheduled seasonally.

Engineering Services:  Engineering Services coordinates engineering review of private development projects, planning applications, and environmental studies; oversees and maintains the City's inventory of real property assets; designs and administers bidding of all capital improvement projects; inspects all public construction projects including those initiated by private developers; and administers all traffic and transportation projects including those for traffic signals.

Finance:  The Finance Department accounts for all revenues and expenses of the City. This includes utility, false alarm and paramedic billing, collections, payroll, purchasing and payments to vendors. The City's warehouse also reports to the Finance Department. Finance is responsible for the City's annual audit, publication of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Annual Capital Improvements Budget.

Fire:  The Escondido Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the City of Escondido and, through a contractual arrangement established in 1984, the Rincon Del Diablo Fire Protection District.

Human Resources:  The Human Resources Department functions as a supportive partner by providing a full range of services to City of Escondido employees and the public. The employees within Human Resources serve as advisors to departments, thereby providing information that empowers managers, administrators, and staff to meet the goals of the City.  Human Resources strives to accomplish its numerous roles and services with sensitivity, good judgment, confidentiality, and appropriate flexibility.

Employee Benefits:  The Employee Benefits Division provides service to the City of Escondido employees regarding their insurance plans and other benefit programs. Employees' benefits vary based on their bargaining unit or group.

Personnel Services: The Personnel Services Division is responsible for providing superior and responsive services toward the acquisition, development, and retention of a diverse and competitive work force for the City. We strive to accomplish these goals through administration of recruitment, labor relations, classification and compensation, employee relations, and training. 

Risk Management:  The Risk & Safety office protects the people, property and resources of the City from identifiable and controllable risk of loss. The direction of Risk & Safety is to make these values part of the day-to-day operations of the City Departments.

Information Systems:  The Information Systems Department provides support to all City departments for computers, network, data processing, GIS and telecommunications. Information Systems maintains the City's Internet/Intranet Web sites, e-mail and voice mail systems. Duplicating and Mail Services are also managed by the Information Systems Department.

Geographic Information Systems:  The GIS section oversees all spatial database development, including Global Positioning System (GPS) data capture of City assets/facilities; acquires digital orthophotography; publishes spatial databases on the citywide network; fulfills map requests for all City departments; coordinates with other local and state agencies on GIS data partnerships and grant opportunities; and develops desktop and web-based mapping applications for City staff and citizens.

Police:  The members of the Escondido Police Department are committed to providing quality service and fostering partnerships with all community members through ongoing daily, direct, and positive contacts. We are committed to being responsive to community needs, promoting mutual trust, and delivering a quality of service that meets or exceeds the standards and expectations of the people we serve. 

Utilities:  The Utilities Water Division operates water treatment facilities and the distribution system to insure that high-quality water is delivered at the most economical costs. This division maintains the City's two lakes, which provide water storage as well as recreational opportunities and the recycled water distribution system.  The Utilities Wastewater Division oversees treatment and reclamation operations, oversees the industrial and commercial pretreatment program, operates the Hale Avenue Resource Recovery Facility (HARRF), and maintains the sewer collection system and sewage lift stations.

Environmental Programs: The Environmental Programs division oversees storm water compliance, water conservation, pretreatment, and resource agency permitting for maintenance. This requires us to collaborate with colleagues citywide to protect both the City and the environment.