2020 Revenue Ballot Measure

The City of Escondido’s priority is protecting the safety of our community and maintaining a high quality of life we all value.
Over the past decade, the City has made cuts to staff and services. The cost of public safety and providing essential municipal services is increasing every year. The City needs additional resources to maintain public safety, improve our streets, sidewalks, infrastructure, and public places, address homelessness issues, graffiti, and gang prevention.

To provide stable local funding to meet these needs, the City is considering placing a one percent sales tax measure on the November 2020 ballot.

  • The measure would require independent citizen’s oversight and public audits
  • All money raised by the measure would be used locally and could not be taken by the State
  • The current sales tax rate is 7.75 percent. The City of Escondido only receives one percent of that rate

If you have questions, or are a member of an organization and would like to invite a City representative to speak at your meeting or event regarding the Public Safety & Essential Services ballot measure, please contact Jay Petrek, Assistant City Manager at 760-839-4631, or contact the City using the form below.

Additional information regarding the potential ballot measure: