Environmental Programs division is committed to providing customers with tools to assist with outdoor water management. Studies show that approximately 60 percent of residential water is used on the landscape. Fixing leaks and making minor repairs and adjustments to the irrigation system can save you water and money.
FREE WaterSmart Landscape Design for Homeowners Classes
Interested in becoming a water wise gardener? Participants will learn to think about their landscapes from the soil up. Class topics will include site and soil analysis, plant selection, landscape design, and much more! For upcoming classes, visit https://www.watersmartsd.org/landscape-classes.
2018 Landscape Contest
Want to be rewarded for your water-wise landscaping ways? Enter this year’s California-Friendly Landscape Contest; open to all City of Escondido water customers who have made the move from grass to California-friendly plants. It’s time to show off all your hard work by entering this year’s California-Friendly Landscape Contest. Deadline to enter the contest is April 30! For more information please email water@escondido.org or call 760-839-4076.
Landscape Makeover Workshop Series
Want a beautiful water-saving landscape? This workshop series is designed to provide homeowners a comprehensive overview and the basic hands-on skills necessary to makeover a traditional turf yard into a beautiful and climate-appropriate WaterSmart showcase. For more information, call 760-839-4076, Visit this Website or Download this Brochure.
Explore the Possibilities
For information about water-smart landscaping, including nearly 5 acres of beautiful gardens that showcase the possibilities, visit www.thegarden.org.