Leaking pipes can have an enormous impact on your water bill. Many times a leak is not visible on the surface, either in the yard or in the house. To determine if you have a leak, write down the read on your water meter. Do not turn on any faucets or flush the toilet. Reread your meter in about two hours. If the read has changed, you have a leak.

Diameter of Leak Gallons Lost/Day Gallons Lost/Year
1-32 1/32" 178   64,970  
1-8 1/8" 2,850   1,040,250  
1-4 1/4" 11,400   4,161,000  
3-8 3/8" 25,650   9,362,250  
1-2 1/2" 45,600   16,644,000  

For information about how you can use water efficiently, rebates and classes visit or City’s Environmental Programs page Water Conservation - City of Escondido.