Project Update:

March 2021 - With the design of the skate spot complete, the construction of this project went out to bid in February 2021, and staff anticipate awarding the construction contract in late March. Barring any weather delays, construction will take approximately four to five months, with the skate spot opening this summer.

Originally, this project consisted of two components, a 7,000 square foot skate spot and a new parking lot. Staff’s hope was that combining the two projects would result in cost savings from the economies of scale in design and construction, but unfortunately even after multiple design revisions the parking lot continues to come in at about $250,000 over budget.  In order to not to delay the construction of the skate spot any further, the parking lot component has been put on hold. Staff will continue to monitor the parking situation and if it is found that additional parking is required in the future, we will seek to identify the remaining funding needed. Engineering and Police staff have determined that five on-street parking spots along Rose Avenue can be created by removing some of the red curb. This will help to offset any increase in parking resulting from the skate spot.

The design of this skate spot is based on input from various stakeholders including City staff, skate park professional, skate park users, and the surrounding community. Multiple skate spot design workshops were held over several months. These provided the community with the opportunity to engage with the consultant and take part in the planning and design of the space. The proposed skate spot will provide a safe, designated place for riders to develop their skills and enjoy the company of their peers.
It will be a state-of-the-art facility based on the latest skate park design principles, featuring street and transition-style terrain, and include elements designed for all age groups and ability levels.
The Washington Park Skate Spot is a beautifully designed skate spot that truly represents the culture and character of our community.

Community Meetings and Feedback

Our first community meeting was held May 28, 2019 at the East Valley Community Center. More than 50 people showed up to provide feedback on the design, features, theme, and more.

Skate spot rendering resulting from community feedback
Skate spot design resulting from community feedback

Washington Park Skate Spot Overview and Strategy

In November 2018, the City released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design of the Washington Park Skate Spot and Parking Lot Expansion Project. This project will include the design of a permanent, custom, 5,000 sq. ft., concrete, all wheel skate spot, and expanded parking lot in Washington Park.

The design of this skate spot will be based on input from various stakeholders including staff from the City's Community Services, Police, Planning, Public Works, and Engineering Departments, as well as input received from park users and the community. The consultant will be required to provide a Community Outreach Plan and facilitate a minimum of six community meetings (e.g. Planning Commission, City Appearance Committee, City Council, and three design workshops with the community).

Additionally, the consultant will provide a comprehensive study assessing the Washington Park parking lot. Specifically, the consultant will provide a parking utilization assessment of the current level of usage identifying peak and low demand periods, produce a report evaluating and analyzing the current parking demands, identify current shortfalls, and provide a design for expansion and improvements to the lot including lighting and landscaping.

The proposed skate spot will provide a safe, designated place for riders to develop their skills and enjoy the company of their peers. It will be a state-of-the-art facility based on the latest skate park design principles and constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The design will feature a mix of street and transition- style terrain with elements designed for all age groups and ability levels. It will meet the needs of the community while incorporating Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, including landscaping and lighting.

On November 30, 2018, five sealed proposals were received in response to the RFP for this project.  It should be noted that these costs are for the design of both the skate spot and the expanded parking lot. The results are listed below:                                                                                              

  • California Skateparks                     $25,200.43 (non-responsive - did not bid the parking lot expansion)
  • New Line Skateparks                     $97,555.00          
  • RJM Design                                     $144,600.00                                                                       
  • Site Design Group                          $154,900.00                                                                       
  • Ktua                                                 $183,384.00

New Line Skateparks was determined to be the apparent lowest responsible and responsive bidder. The bidders will be notified this week and we expect to have a signed contract in place by the end of January. Once the timeline for community outreach is established, it will be posted here and shared via social media.


In the 2017/2018 City Council Action Plan, the City Council directed staff to develop a funding strategy for the potential development of a skate spot in Washington Park, with future development plans for skate spots in various other City parks.

To provide a thorough assessment, staff toured various skate parks in San Diego County, attended a skate park development webinar, and met with several skate park design engineers/skate boarding professionals to explore possible designs and research construction costs. The Public Skatepark Development Guide, provided in the skate park development webinar, provided  a comprehensive overview of skate park development and has been an invaluable resource for staff throughout this process.

Skate spots range from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet, serve approximately 12,000 residents, and have a 20 - 35 person capacity. It is important that the design be specific to the community served, and not an 'off-the-shelf' concept.

On January 14, 2017, Community Services staff held a skate rally in Washington Park to gather community input on the potential new skate site. The participants filled out 146 surveys and picked their choice skate features. All of the responses to the surveys were positive regarding building a new skate spot in Washington Park, and the majority of participants were willing to be involved in the design and fundraising efforts.

On January 25, 2017, Staff presented the City Council with options to build different sized skate spots throughout City parks. Although many of the City parks can accommodate neighborhood skate parks and/or skate spots, Washington Park was recommended for the new skate spot because of its location, its eligibility for low to moderate income grant funding, and ability to meet the requirements to use CIP - Park Development Funds. The park is centrally located in a high-density neighborhood, and is near schools, a recreation center, and shopping malls. It is a heavily used park, and will provide a positive outdoor activity for the youth in the area who have no other entertainment options. Washington Park is also easily accessible via the Creek Walk and public transportation.

Additionally, staff identified the following parks for potential future skate facilities:

  • Jesmond Dene Park:        1,500 sq. ft. skate spot
  • Mountain View Park:        1,500 sq. ft. skate spot
  • Westside Park:                 1,500 sq. ft. skate spot

These suggested parks also meet the criteria of being close to schools, within residential zones, and close to other amenities, either business and/or recreational.

On June 21, 2017, The City Council approved the 2017-2018 Capital Improvement Program Budget that included an allocation of $300,000 in Park Development Funds for the design and construction of a 5,000 square foot skate spot to be located in Washington Park, as well as $385,000 for the Washington Park Parking Lot Expansion Project.

The average cost for designing and building skate parks is $50 per square foot. This cost includes demolition, staff and administrative costs, permits, site preparation, materials, inspections, landscaping, and contingencies. 10-15% of the skate spot budget accounts for design and 85-90% for construction costs. The new 5,000 sq. ft. skate spot will cost approximately $250,000.

Although the allocation of $300,000 should be sufficient to cover the cost of design and construction in full, there are a variety of funding sources that staff will pursue during the design process.  These include local and county grants, private individual donors (Tony Hawk Foundation), corporate donors (Vans), state and federal grants, and in-kind donations. Funds from this allocation could also serve as a match for potential grants that require a dollar match. Upon completion of the project, any remaining funds could then be allocated to future skate spot projects throughout the City.