A Visitors Bureau serves as an important information portal for visitors and potential residents.  For the past several years, Escondido’s visitor bureau services, known as “Visit Escondido”, have been provided by the Escondido Chamber of Commerce through a contract with the City. Its most recent Executive Director, Katherine Zimmer, has made outstanding progress in promoting Escondido’s diverse attractions and amenities.

As part of the City’s increased emphasis on economic development, the City decided to provide visitors services directly and on July 1, 2013, Katherine Zimmer joined the City Manager’s Office staff as the new Tourism and Marketing Administrator.  With this new reorganization, the “Visit Escondido” office has moved to 235 E. Grand Avenue where it shares space with the Escondido Police Storefront.  This prime location gives greater exposure and visibility to visitors particularly during Cruisin’ Grand and other special events in downtown.

Visit Escondido has been gaining momentum through marketing, social media, and editorial exposure and by building collaborative relationships with its stakeholders.  When attractions, events, wineries, breweries, restaurants, and the arts work together to create a marketing synergy that attracts visitors and keeps them here longer, it impacts the community in a positive, long-term way.

For more information go to visitescondido.com or connect on Facebook.com/VisitEscondido and Twitter @VisitEscondido.