Planning on going on vacation?  Then you may want to sign up for the Police Department’s Vacation House Check program.  Vacation House Check is a community-wide service provided by the Escondido Police Department’s Volunteer Patrol. Homes may be checked periodically, as staffing allows, by an Escondido Police Department Volunteer Patrol unit during the specified vacation time.

The Volunteer Patrol will provide the following service: Check the perimeter of your home, i.e., locked doors and windows, closed garage door(s), including your backyard (if accessible).  If the Volunteer Patrol unit notes a problem, appropriate action will be taken. The Volunteer Patrol will not be responsible for providing the following: feeding your animals, or picking up your mail, newspapers, and/or other deliveries. Unoccupied houses for sale, rental units, and houses with a house sitter are not eligible for this program.

For more information or to request this service call the Volunteer Coordinator at (760) 839-4481  at least two weeks before your planned vacation and complete a Vacation House Request Form in order to be accepted into the program.