If a fresh, green Christmas tree is part of your holiday tradition, the City of Escondido provides two free, convenient ways of recycling it. After removing its decorations, cut the tree into 4-foot lengths and place it next to your trash and recycling bins on your regular collection day. Another option is to take your whole tree to Jesmond Dene Park, at the north end of town (2401 N. Broadway), or to Kit Carson Park, at the south end (3333 Bear Valley Parkway). Christmas tree recycling will be available at these parks from December 26, 2015  through January 15, 2016.

And, speaking of recycling, don’t forget to save and reuse ribbon, gift bags and uncrushed paper. Reusing materials is just another form of recycling. Unfold extra cardboard boxes so they’re easier to store, or pass them along to a friend who’s moving.

Remember, every time we reduce, reuse or recycle, we lessen the load going to the landfill. And that saves money and natural resources.