The Transportation & Community Safety Commission is an advisory body to the City Council, the Director of Engineering Services, the Traffic Engineer, and the Police Traffic Division. In addition, its responsibilities cross other department lines, often involving the Planning Department and the Community Services Department. The duties of the Commission include:

  • Suggestions for the most practicable means for coordinating the activities of all officers and agencies of the city having authority with respect to the administration or enforcement of traffic regulations
  • Receiving complaints having to do with traffic matters
  • Making recommendations to the Council, City Traffic Engineer and other City officials on ways and means for improving traffic conditions and the administration/enforcement of traffic regulations
  • Review concerns and recommendations from City departments or school districts regarding pedestrian safety, student safety on and around school sites and on safe routes to and from schools
  • Making recommendations related to student safety to the respective school district or private school administration, and/or recommendations related to general pedestrian safety to the appropriate City agency.
Membership: Seven members with representatives from the following:
  • Escondido Union High School District (1)
  • Escondido Union (Elementary/Middle) School District (1)
  • Citizens-at-Large (5)
( List of board members )
Meeting Schedule: Quarterly, on the Second Thursday of each month, 3:00 p.m.
Length of Term: Four years
Responsible Departments: Engineering Services and Police Department
Qualifications/Conditions: Must reside within the geographic boundaries of the General Plan
Compensation: None
Financial Disclosure: Must submit conflict of interest statements
Training: City staff provides an initial orientation and ethics training in accordance with state law.