Escondido Community Development Commission

The Escondido Community Development Commission (CDC) was established in 1984 to assist local governments in eliminating physical, economic, and social blight and to revitalize deteriorated areas.  The Escondido CDC was involved in the Civic Center development including a community theater, park and convention facilities.  Other activities included providing housing financial assistance to increase and improve the community's supply of low and moderate-income housing.

Dissolution of Redevelopment Agency

On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court upheld Assembly Bill 1X 26 (“the Bill”) that provides for the dissolution of all redevelopment agencies in the State of California.  The Bill provides that upon dissolution of a redevelopment agency, either the city or another unit of local government will agree to serve as the “successor agency” to hold the assets until they are distributed to other units of state and local government.  On January 25, 2012, the City Council elected to become the Successor Agency for the former redevelopment agency in accordance with the Bill as part of City Resolution Number 2012-16. 

The City of Escondido, acting as the Successor Agency to the former redevelopment agency, is charged with managing and dissolving the assets of the former Agency.  The former Agency’s efforts are subject to the review and participation of the County of San Diego Oversight Board formed in accordance with Health and Safety Code Section 34179 (j), as well as the Department of Finance (the “DOF”) of the State of California (the “State”), the State Auditor and Controller, and the County Auditor-Controller.

Assembly Bill 1484 ("AB 1484") was enacted on June 27, 2012, modifying AB 26 substantially, requiring Due Diligence Reviews of the Low and Moderate Income Housing fund and of other remaining non-housing account balances to determine the Former RDA's unobligated balances available for transfer to taxing entities.