Service Enhancements for Escondido Water Customers


Contact: Kelly Spire, 760-839-4605

In response to customer feedback, the City of Escondido has implemented two changes to its water billing process. First, instead of all 26,000 customers receiving their bills on the first of every month, they now will be divided evenly into 4 billing cycles. As a result, customers will receive their bills closer to the date on which their meter was read allowing them to identify water leaks more quickly and better manage water usage. Prior to this, it was not unusual for a customer to receive a bill for water used two months prior to the bill date.

The second change allows water customers to view their water bill online by accessing the Utility Billing page. To protect customer privacy, customers will need their account number to access the image. In addition to that, customers will have the option to have their bill images removed from the website, if they so desire. This feature will be helpful to customers who call to say they have not received their bill or have misplaced it. It will give them the ability to access it from home, rather than waiting for a duplicate to be mailed to them or coming to City Hall to get it.

During this transition some customers who have already received their new bills have been concerned about the amount of their bill or mistakenly think they will be receiving four bills a month. The increase in the amount of the January bill is due to the change in bill dates, a rate increase to water service and wastewater effective January 1st, 2010 as well as additional days of water use billing. The February bills will resume to the typical 30 day billing period for all the services, except water use.