As we approach the start of fire season, the Escondido Fire Department asks you to click on the “Pledge to Prepare” banner on the department’s webpage and join the National Preparedness Coalition.  Please take the time to “Pledge to Prepare” by taking the following actions:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Have a kit
  3. Be informed
  4. Get involved

A good place to begin preparing is by writing a family emergency plan. Your plan should include every member of your household – including pets!

  • Learn the likely threats in your area; in Escondido, they are wildland fire and earthquakes.
  • Identify family meeting places outside your home and neighborhood.
  • Designate an out-of-town contact as it may be easier for a long distance call/ text message to get through than a local one.
  • Know alternate routes out of your neighborhood in case your “usual way” is impassable.
  • Know the location of home utilities.
  • Know the emergency policies of your work and children’s schools.
  • Identify safe spots in each room of your home or office to take cover.
  • Consider stocking extra medications and provisions for family members and pets.
  • Schedule an annual disaster drill to test your plan.

For additional emergency planning information, visit For information on the City of Escondido, please visit