September 5, 2012


Restaurant Guide

A few weeks ago we placed the restaurant guide on-line.  Now a “new and improved” online restaurant is up and running.  It is significantly more functional in this new format:   Special thanks to Anne Morgan in Information Systems for reformatting the information to make it easier to find particular styles of restaurants. 

Escondido Adult School

In light of the recent finding that nearly 29% of Escondido residents over the age of 25 do not have even a high school diploma, City Manager Office staff members met with Dom Gagliardi, Principal of the Escondido Adult School. The purpose of the meeting was to explore opportunities to help the school promote their High School Diploma and GED High School equivalency certificate programs.  They have initially identified a variety of ways the City can assist in promoting their programs, including posting information on the city’s website, providing periodic information on City social media pages and neighborhood newsletters, inviting adult school representatives to speak at neighborhood meetings,  posting slides on Channel 19, and making school-provided brochures available at key City facilities.




  • A copy of the monthly building permit activity report is attached.
  • In August, Building Inspectors responded to 501 inspection requests. The last time we had over 500 requests was 2008:


Jan 468
Feb 477
Mar 543
April 586
May 498
June 539
July 556
Aug 470
Sept 515
Oct 484
Nov 408
Dec 374
Total 5918


The overall monthly average is about 339 requests per month or 23-29 calls per day.



  • The Children’s Museum has submitted an application for a Temporary Use Permit for the Family Fall  Festival, a fund raising event to be held on October 6th. The event will include vendor booth sales in the parking lot. While the displacement of required parking spaces to accommodate the booths exceeds the 20%  limitation generally applicable to outdoor parking lots sales citywide, staff has determined that the use is acceptable, given the proposed site layout and circulation, availability of on-street parking, proximity to parking in the public lots and adjacency to the vehicle parking district which no longer has a parking requirement.
  • Walmart has provided documentation demonstrating adequate reciprocal access agreements between the Escondido Village Mall and the Walmart properties, satisfying one of the conditions required prior to issuance of their building permit. Staff has also made a determination that provisions in the East Valley Area Plan adopted at the time of the original Walmart approval provide equivalent mitigation for parking impacts identified in the EIR. The original mitigation measures required an agreement with the mall property owner establishing limits on future restaurant expansion since the amount of parking provided for the mall was below City standards. The negotiation of the agreement had potential to hold up the certificate of occupancy for   Walmart. The area plan provisions provide options for the shopping center to pursue restaurant expansions without subjecting the mall to limitations      under the non-conforming use ordinance.



Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

As we near the ribbon cutting this Friday September 7th at 5:30 p.m., L.B. Civil construction, Inc. is finishing the items on the punch list and power washing the site to prepare for the celebrations.

2011 – 12 Street Maintenance Project

The next phase of roadways to be resurfaced has begun.

Main Library Fiber Optic Project

The contract began potholing today and will continue to work through the week.

Old Escondido Stop Sign Project

Work continues steadily and is in order to be completed on September 15th.


Private Development:

Westfield Shopping Center Parking Lot

Paving was completed this past weekend.

Talk of the Town

Sewer inspection was completed last week. The water and sewer installation continues through this week.


After nearly two years of tight collaboration with the SDG&E we are ready to begin construction.  ARB, Inc. has been selected to do the trench and conduit portion of the job.  We will have a pre-construction meeting early next week.  ARB is expected to begin construction on or about September 17. 

Del Lago Academy

The Citracado Parkway median improvements are nearly 50% completed, as is the water line for Scenic Trails Drive. Improvements continue through this week.

Walmart Grand Ave Improvement

The stamped concrete is being placed this week. Lekos Electric has begun rock saw trenching through Rose Street in connection with the new traffic signal. The Harding Entrance is being constructed this week.

Rincon Del Diablo Waterline Replacement

The contractor has completed the Avenida Del Diablo section and has moved onto trenching the south side of Citracado Parkway.




Special  Award  and Commendation for Officer Mario Sainz

  • Officer Mario Sainz will be awarded the prestigious American Society for Industrial Security  (ASIS) Award in a Law Enforcement Day Ceremony on September 6th, 2012, at the Admiral Baker Club and Banquet Center in San Diego.  Officer Sainz is one of the two coordinators of the Escondido Police Athletic League. Officer Sainz is the lead instructor for the “safety academies”.  He has been conducting safety academies and safety lectures to students in the Escondido School District for over two years.  In the two past years, PAL staff has taught safety classes to over 2,000 children between the ages of 6-18 in the City of Escondido. The safety classes teach children how to avoid dangerous situations. Additionally, children are taught techniques to escape and get help if they were cornered by a dangerous person.  Additional areas covered are: gang awareness, drug and alcohol avoidance, abduction avoidance drills, fire safety, instructions on calling 911 and anti-bullying. Officer Sainz also works with the Escondido Recreation Department to run a basketball league for children in the Escondido School  District. Local recreation leaders let Officer Sainz know that some of their kids were in bad need of shoes.  Officer Sainz and his team contacted Sports Authority Corporate and were able to get pairs of donated  basketball shoes.  Officer Sainz and his coaching team took the kids to Sports Authority and the kids all walked out sporting new shoes and  fancy t-shirts.
  • Recently Officer Sainz contacted two subjects in the Jack in the Box restaurant at Mission and Quince St.  The woman had a felony warrant and the man was in possession of a syringe.  A search of the men’s bathroom (where the man exited) revealed a key to a Jeep hidden in the trash can.  The Jeep was found in the Lowe’s parking lot.  It was stolen from a hot prowl residential burglary in Carlsbad where approximately $25,000 dollars  in property was stolen.  A check of the roster at Motel 6 revealed a room registered to the man.  A search was done on the room and property from the residential burglary was found inside, including the Driver License of the registered owner of the stolen vehicle.  There was a lot more property and  jewelry that the victims did not identify.  There were also four flat badges and ID cards for a retired Oceanside PD Sergeant as well as a pawn  slip for jewelry.  Officer Sainz is commended for his excellent police work!


911 Commemorative Badge:

Escondido Police Department uniformed personnel have been authorized to wear a special Commemorative 911 Badge for the month of September to commemorate the events and honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. This badge is part of an ongoing national effort to recognize the event every year.  Officers choosing to participate purchase the badge on their own and can wear it for the entire month.  Several other county agencies are participating for the month as well.



  • The Type III Cal EMA Brush Engine 8632 returned to Escondido on Saturday, September 1st.  The crew started on the Chihuahua Fire near Julian three weeks earlier. The crews ended up on a total of four wildfire incidents throughout the State ending their time on the Chips Fire near Lake Almador. Depending on the weather between now and November, there is a good chance this unit and possibly another will be called out again to assist in the Mutual Aid program.
  • September is National Preparedness Month. This year we are reaching out to the community and asking them to “Pledge to Prepare”. There are four steps to be prepared for a disaster; Make a Plan, Have a Kit, Be Informed, Get Involved. Our emergency management team has prepared an Emergency Preparedness Guide which goes into many more details. The guide can be found on the Fire Department at  We will also be accepting a proclamation  and providing more information at the Council Meeting on September 12th.
  • Three new Firefighter Paramedics began their careers with the Fire Department on September 4th.  They will spend their first week in an EMS Academy and then complete a paramedic mentorship. Once the mentorship is completed they will spend three weeks honing their firefighter skills and learning the ways of the Escondido Fire Department. Once they have completed the in-house fire academy they will be assigned to Fire Station 2 on all three shifts.
  • PMC West Hospital has been operational for more than two weeks now. Fire crews and hospital personnel are still adjusting to the new location and the configuration of the hospital.




  • As part of the Biogas Demonstration project at the HARRF, Escondido is entitled to be reimbursed for electricity costs associated with the  project.  As a result, Southern California Gas Company will be reimbursing the City $56,565.45 for electricity used from April 14, 2011 through August 8, 2012
  • The City received approva  from the County for grant funding of the Sand Lake Remediation Project (Grant funding = $224,500, total budget = $265,500) and the Mission Pools Study Project (Grant funding = $226,000, total budget = $248,000).  

 The Sand Lake Project will include dredging of material to eliminate mosquito breeding habitat and to promote better circulation of water in the lake. The Mission Pools Study Project will complete the design for a future project to remediate the Mission Pools site to improve water circulation to eliminate standing water and the mosquito breeding habitat.

Karen Youel of the Community Services Department and Jeff Warner of the Utilities Department were instrumental in obtaining this grant funding.