September 19, 2012


  • Sales tax revenue increased 13% last quarter.  Escondido is once again the No. 2  sales tax generator in the County,  surpassed only by City of San Diego.
  • The Escondido Chamber of Commerce is working with Crystal Crawford to hold a workshop  to educate businesses and the community about the PACE Program and Ygrene. A date has not yet been set.
  • Economist Kelly Cunningham, Senior Fellow with the National University System Institute for Policy Research, will present “Economic Outlook 2013: The New Normal for Small Business” on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 as a featured event in Escondido’s College & Career Connections Month. Cunningham’s presentation will provide a post-recession outlook for the San Diego region and the North County in particular.  This free lunchtime presentation will take place in the Turrentine Room at the Escondido Public Library from 11:30 – 1:00 PM. A news release with more information is attached.
  • In the 2012 California Retail Survey, Escondido was ranked number 30 out of the top 100 cities in California for having $1.7 billion in annual retail sales.  The rankings of other San Diego counties cities in the top 100 were: San Diego (No. 2) with $13 billion; Chula Vista (No. 20) with $2.0 billion; Carlsbad (No. 36) with $1.6 billion; El Cajon (No. 53) with $1.2 billion; Oceanside (No.56) with $1.2 billion; National City (No. 86) with $959 million; San Marcos (No. 93) with $911 million
  • The green street light poles in downtown Escondido are being given a new coat of paint that will give them a fresh appearance. The work is being done for $8,500 by the contractor who did the painting of the Maple Street Plaza.



  • Staff held a conference call yesterday with Stone Brewery to discuss screening options for their proposed project to add two large storage tanks on the back side of the existing brewery building. Due to neighborhood concerns expressed during the public hearings for the ERTC Specific Plan, provisions are included in the specific plan that would typically require architectural screening of any outdoor equipment. The applicants indicate that this could affect the operation of one of their loading docks, and have proposed additional tree planting on the slopes on the west side to help screen the tanks as viewed from the residential areas. A field trip is scheduled next week to evaluate options.
  • The City’s website has been updated to include the new Land Use designations adopted by the City Council as part of the General Plan update.  Under the EPIC application, the General Plan designation for properties subject to the vote show the new General Plan designation in red with the statement “subject to public vote” in parentheses. Under E Services, the Parcel Lookup has also been updated. Properties subject to public vote have an asterisk in the General Plan column, with a note in bold stating "General Plan designation is subject to upcoming public vote on November 6, 2012)”. Following the results of the election, the website will be updated to reflect the results of the election.


Via the City Clerk’s office, staff has received a high volume of requests for building permit information pertaining to ADA accessibility issues for recently constructed and permitted public and private buildings.

Code Enforcement:

  • In response to several inquiries regarding the status of the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) program reimbursements, the staff from the San Diego Police Department have advised us that they are in the process of reconciling reimbursement requests and will be initiating payments for all four quarters within the next 10 days. The state legislation that authorizes the AVA program mandates that the “authority shall be staffed by existing personnel of the city, county, or county transportation commission” (CVC 22710, (b)).  Therefore, regardless of the ability to have administrative expenses funded by AVA proceeds, they indicate their existing resources are limited and the management of the program has had to be prioritized in relation to other duties.  As such, the management of the AVA program has become a secondary collateral duty after significant reductions to San Diego Police administrative positions.  This has impacted payments to all the cities and county. 


Public Projects:

Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza

The new wrought iron fence was installed along the Plotner property line this past Friday. This completes the city construction items for their project. The contractor is continuing with completing the punch list and it is anticipated that the project should be completed by the end of September.

2011/2012 Pavement Management Project

This past week the contractor performing the slurry portion of the pavement rehabilitation completed large portions of Escondido Blvd. between Third Avenue and Woodward, Second Ave and Rose Street. The contractor will be working September 22 and 23 applying slurry to Bear Valley Parkway between Las Palmas Ave and Beethoven Drive.

Main Library Fiber Optics Project:

The contractor is performing conduit installation along Kalmia Street between Grand Ave and 3rd Avenue.

Park and Ride @ Kit Carson Park:

The first portion of the pavement restoration was completed last Tuesday evening. The remaining seal and striping element will be completed before the end of the month.  This work is being done at night to lessen the impact on the community using these facilities.

Old Escondido Neighborhood Stop Sign project

The contractor hired to perform the installation of the new and replacement traffic units is progressing.   The new stop sign for 9th Ave and Broadway was installed today and the stop bar and legend will be completed tomorrow. Engineering staff will be placing temporary advance notification signs to aid motorists along this heavily travelled corridor. Completion of the project will be in two weeks.

Private Projects:


The traffic signal contractor is continuing with his portion of the project.  There is a slight delay in the installation of the street light foundation.

Mission Ave 69kv Underground Electrical Line

The project contractor ARB, has started his night time work.  They will be working Sunday through Wednesday evening.   The first item of work has been the construction of the first of 10 underground vaults.  These structures are 17’ long by 10’wide by 13’ deep. The process for construction is planned over a three day period. The excavation was completed the first night which included shoring and safety controls. The second night the precast unit will be installed and  the insulated concrete installed on the third evening.  The contractor is installing steel traffic plates recessed in the roadway along the route at the designed vault locations. This work, along with saw cutting the designed trench alignment, will occur for the first couple of weeks prior to starting the installation of conduit.

Del Lago Academy

A portion of the widening of Citracado Parkway has been completed with the installation of new asphalt berm and roadway structural section.  The traffic signal contractor will be completing his conduit installation portion of the project this week with the replacement of sidewalk panels.

Rincon del Diablo Water Main

The construction of the 12” water main is ongoing.  The activities are concentrated at the Citracado Parkway / Avenida del Diablo intersection.  Due to the blue granite rock being found there the progress has been slowed.

Palomar Hospital Campus

The hospital will meet the completion date for the opening of the temporary parking lot on September 19.

Westfield Shopping Mall expansion

The demolition of the offsite buildings continues.  The developer is salvaging wood material while he is processing the concrete building materials into roadway base for use in the new parking lot.



  • The Fire Department has received and placed in service its’ first RED fire apparatus in more than 50 years. Fire Engines, Ambulances, and Truck Companies have been white in Escondido since the early 1960’s, prior to the 60’s our fire engines were red. After much debate and a vote earlier this year, the fire department chose to change the color of the future fire apparatus to red. On Friday, September 14 we received the first apparatus with the new color scheme, pictured below.  All our fire apparatus in the future will be painted similarly.

Escondido Fire

  • On Thursday, September 13, two members of the Fire Department were selected to receive a “San Diego North Chamber of Commerce 2012-2013 Business Salute to Police and Public Safety” award.  Deputy Fire Marshal Mari Hill was selected for her dedication to the community, her knowledge and application of the California Fire Code, and her contributions during the planning, building and operating stages of businesses within our community to make our community a safer place to work, and live. Fire Captain Bill Atkins was selected for his involvement as a CPR Instructor since joining the department 32 years ago. He has taught countless firefighters, City employees, community members, and school officials First Aid and CPR over the years. Bill also oversees and supervises the Fire Department’s Senior Volunteer Program, which consist of approximately 20 volunteers. The program saves the City time and money; while at the same time provides numerous hours of support to the department during emergency incidents and day to day administrative duties.
  • Our Emergency Preparedness Team has been working with the Library and County to make sure the “Cool Zone” sites for Escondido are noted. We want to be sure that our community members know where to go if they need to the get out of the heat on really hot days. The Cool Zones Sites for Escondido are; the Park Avenue Community Center, the East Valley Community Center, and our Library.
  • Included with this week’s CM Update is information from the Fire Department for the month of August. The FD plans to include these statistics on a monthly basis for review. If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact Chief Lowry for more information.


Clean up of CCAE Courtyard

Students, family members and teachers from Light and Life Christian School in Escondido are planning to clean up the courtyard on the corner of Escondido Boulevard and Valley Parkway at the Escondido Performing Arts Center on Sept. 22. Candace McCarthy, the marketing coordinator for the school, said the clean-up is the first of a planned monthly maintenance of the site.  Kevin Grangetto of Grangettos Farm and Garden Supply has generously offered to provide supplies for the event.