It is an Escondido Municipal Code REQUIREMENT that any functioning alarm system in a business or residence MUST be registered with the City of Escondido (Per Ordinance No. 2004.12). 

The annual registration fee is $15.00.  Invoices for the registration fee are mailed out twice per year in either February or August.  For example, if you register your alarm from March-July, you will not receive an invoice until August.  If you register your alarm from September-January you will not receive your invoice until February. 

An alarm owner can either register their alarm by completing the registration form and mailing it to the City or by the online process.

False Alarms

The Police Department and Finance Department work together to monitor and bill false alarms.  The Police Department will review the initial alarm response.  The Finance Department handles all billing and fee collections. 

You are entitled to two “grace period” alarms in a 12 month period.  Once you have had a third valid false alarm, you will be billed according to the City’s fee schedule approved by City Council.

                3rd Occurrence = $50.00

                4th Occurrence = $100.00

                5th Occurrence = $150.00

                6-14 Occurrences = $200.00

                15 or more Occurrences = $500.00

False alarm fees are billed to the registered account. 

Non-registered accounts will be charged double the fees.