Project Description: The San Pasqual Undergrounding Project (SPUP) will remove, relocate, and replace approximately 2.5 miles of the Escondido Canal that cross the San Pasqual Indian Reservation. The SPUP consists of three major components: desilting basin, replace in-place box culvert, and pipeline. These components are further described below.

  • Desilting BasinThe SPUP desilting basin consists of a 110-foot long by 32-foot wide hydraulic structure to be constructed within the existing 100-foot canal right-of-way. An all-weather access road to the desilting basin will also be constructed with a concrete box tunnel and retaining walls.
  • Replace-In-Place Box CulvertThe replace-in-place section of the SPUP will replace approximately 0.5 miles of the existing open canal with a shallow-buried 60-inch wide by 48-inch high precast concrete box culvert.
  • Pipeline – The pipeline portion of the SPUP includes approximately 1.5 miles of 60-inch diameter pipeline across: the San Pasqual Indian Reservation, private parcels, and in North Lake Wohlford Road. A portion of the pipeline will be constructed within a 350-foot long tunnel In order to minimize environmental impacts to a riparian area.

Estimated Construction Schedule – 400 calendar days; Construction is scheduled to start in October 2021 and be completed by November 2022.

Estimated Cost to Construct: $40,218,000


Eric Iglesias – Field Engineering Inspector 760-504-9373

Randy Manns – Utilities Construction Project Manager 760-839-6290, x7031