2020 Revenue Ballot Measure

NOTE: The Public Safety & Essential Services Ballot Measure is currently NOT scheduled for election.

The City of Escondido is facing a structural budget gap exceeding $176 million over the next 18+ years. During the development of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-2020 budget, the City Manager recommended evaluating a potential one-percent sales tax measure that would annually generate $25 million to structurally increase revenues for maintaining city services. The City Council approved evaluating the merits of a revenue measure, which included conducting two community surveys to gauge voter sentiment for the proposed sales tax increase. Results from both surveys indicated support for the revenue measure.

Unanimous City Council approval was required to place the revenue measure on the November 2020 ballot for Escondido voters to determine the issue. The City Council reviewed information provided by staff, findings from the community survey, and comments received from the public on July 15, 2020. After deliberating on the matter, the City Council was not able to unanimously approve placing the revenue measure on the ballot. This item will not be considered by the voters at the November 3, 2020 election.

A revenue measure could be considered at a future general election for Escondido voters to determine the issue provided the City Council successfully votes to place the measure on the ballot.


Here is a link to information generated for the former proposed revenue measure: https://www.escondido.org/2020-revenue-ballot-measure.aspx