Over the past decade, the City of Escondido’s revenues have not kept pace with the growing costs associated with providing municipal services and facilities. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain the quality of City Services such as crime prevention, 911 response, pothole repair, street and park maintenance, graffiti eradication, homelessness issues, and other core services.

Current Status of the 2022 Revenue Measure
At the October 13 City Council Meeting, the Council voted unanimously to establish a Revenue Measure Council Subcommittee. They appointed Mayor Paul McNamara and Deputy Mayor Michael Morasco to serve on the subcommittee.
The Revenue Measure Subcommittee will do the following:
  • Provide input/feedback from 2020
  • Review budget and anticipated deficit
  • Solicit and gather community input
  • Consider 2022 Revenue Measure
  • Engage consultants as needed
  • Bring forward recommendations to the City Council
Next Steps
Learn More about the Proposed 2020 Revenue Measure