The City of Escondido communicates with residents in a variety of ways. Our Web site, , not only has detailed information about our departments and programs, it is also updated regularly with the latest City news and events. We send information out via utility bill stuffers, newsletters and e-newsletters. Our Recreation Division publishes a guide that includes all our recreation programs, plus City news and event announcements. Local government access TV channels 19 (Cox) and 99 (AT&T U-verse) broadcast our City Council meetings and show important City bulletins. And the list goes on.

With all these different means of communication, it can be difficult to know what’s working and what’s not, and how residents really want to receive, and provide, information to the City. In order to solicit feedback from our residents, we are conducting a survey about City communications. The survey is online at and is also available in hard copy at our public facilities. We want to know how residents most wish to receive information from the City, and perhaps more importantly, how they wish to communicate information to us. If you live in Escondido, please take the time to provide feedback to us so we can better serve you.