Blended RO Line Packages 2A & 2B

Project Description:

The Recycled Water Easterly Main and Tanks Project (also referenced as the Blended RO Line Packages 2A & 2B) will extend the existing recycled water pipeline from Citrus Avenue, crossing the Escondido Creek, to the Hogback Reservoir (tank). This project will construct: approximately 2.8 miles of 24-inch ductile iron pipe (DIP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) recycled water pipe; a new 350,000 gallon bolted steel tank and associated yard piping; install small diameter fiber optic conduits; and convert the existing 1.2 million-gallon Hogback Reservoir (tank) from potable water to recycled water.

The pipe alignment is split into two separate sections, as shown in the maps. The first section will traverse southeast along Citrus Avenue and then east along Glenridge Road where it will connect to the existing recycled waterline located at the intersection of Moody Drive and Glenridge Road; near the entrance to the Oak Hill Memorial Park. The second section will connect to the southern portion of an existing pipeline behind the Oak Hill Memorial Park, then traverse along Canyon Crest down to Mountain View Drive, and end at the Hogback Reservoir. The new bolted steel tank will be constructed adjacent to the Hogback Reservoir.

Completion for construction is anticipated for March, 2021.


Eric Iglesias – Field Engineering Inspector (760) 504-9973
Sam Lopez – Field Engineering Inspector (442) 777-8842
Randy Manns – Utilities Construction Project Manager (760) 839-6290, x7031