For the past several months, you may have noticed road closures due to construction near the flood control channel.  This work is the first phase of a multi-phased project to expand the City of Escondido’s existing recycled water conveyance system. When all of the phases of construction are completed,  the city will be able to provide recycled water to local citrus farmers and the North County Cemetery District in eastern Escondido. 

The current construction phase includes installation of approximately 13,800 lineal feet of recycled water pipeline and approximately 13,800 lineal feet of brine line, as well as asphalt concrete (AC) pavement restoration, precast concrete manholes, buried isolation valves, air valves, blow-offs, connection to existing facilities and other pipeline appurtenances and related work. The majority of the pipe is being installed in a common trench, and is in City owned right-of-way.

Persons with questions concerning the current construction phase, may contact Mark Lewis, City of Escondido Field Engineering Inspector II, at 760-807-1121.