(Case No. PHG 19-0014)
Benton Burn/Dump Site Remediation Project
(Case No. ENV 10-0005)
Located between Still Water Glen and Sleepy Hill Lane
Calvin Christian School Auditorium 
(Case No. ENV15-0002 and PHG15-0001) 
Cemetery Area Water Pipeline Replacement Project
(Case No. ENV 10-0004)
Cemetery Area Water Pipeline Replacement Project
(Case No. ENV 10-0004)
Centerpointe 78 Commercial Project
(ADM 13-0127) 
Centre City Shopping Center

(SUB 17-0001, ADM 17-0008, & ENV 17-0001)

Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation
(Case No. PHG 15-0039)
Channel Maintenance Activities Project 
(Case No. ENV 12-0001)
City Plaza, 300 S. Escondido Boulevard
(Case No. 2007-11-PD/SP/DA, ER 2007-08)
Citysquare Downtown Residential Project 
Classical Academy High School
(Case No. PHG 12-0023)
East Valley Commercial Project
(Case No. ADM 09-0062)
El Caballo Park Master Plan
(Case No. PHG 13-0011)
Eleventh(11th) Avenue Park Master Plan and Zone Change
(Case No. PHG 09-0027)
Emerald Heights Communications Tower
(Case No. PHG 14-0013)
Escondido Creek Bikeway Missing Link Project
Exeter Industrial Project
(Case No: PHG17-0020)
Gateway Grand Apartments (Rowan)
(Case Nos. SUB 16-0001 and ENV 16-0001)
HARRF Administration Building
(Case No. PHG 11-0038)
HARRF Wastewater Collections Yard
(Case Nos. PHG 15-0018 and ENV 15-0008)
Jesmond Dene Park Lighting Project 
Latitude II Condominiums (Alcove)
(Case No. SUB 15-0003)
Lexus Escondido Master Plan Modification
(Case No. PHG 12-0001)
Lindley Reservoir Tank Replacement Project
(City File No. ENV14-0004)
Maple Street Pedestrian Corridor Master Plan and Maple Street Pedestrian Plaza
(Case No. ER 2005-45)
Microfiltration Reverse Osmosis Facility - Project Withdrawn
Mission Homes
(Case Nos. SUB 15-0028 and PHG 15-0037)
Monticello Assisted Living
(Case No. PHG 11-0033)
Palomar Pomerado Hospital
Pickering Annexation
(Case Nos. SUB 13-0011, PHG 13-0043, PHG 13-0044 and ENV 13-0015)
Recycled Water Easterly Main Extension Project
(Case No. ENV 13-0007)
Starbucks / Downtown Specific Plan Amendment
(Case Nos. PHG 17-0014; PHG 17-0015; ENV 17-0003)
Talk of the Town Project
(Case No. ER 2004-33)
The Grand (Former Ritz Theater)
(Case Nos. PHG 18-0013 and ENV 18-0004)
Westfield North County LED Freeway-Oriented Sign
(Case No. PHG 13-0023)
Westfield North County Theater Project (Dormant)
(Case No. PHG 15-0026)
Vehicles Miles Traveled Exchange Program
(Case No. PL22-0467)