For Targeted Commercial Areas: The South Escondido Boulevard and East Valley Parkway Commercial Corridors and the Downtown Revitalization Area

The following processing and permit fees will be waived to encourage improvement and enhancement of existing and expanding businesses located in the above areas:

Minor Plot Plan Review $250
Plan Project Review up to $200
Landscape Plan Check up to $250
Sign Permit $25
Facade Improvements (facade renovation, exterior lighting, awning, etc.) up to $200
Design Review Fee $100
Engineering/Public Works Department Encroachment Permit $100
Building Division Sign Permit Fee up to $50
Building Division Awning Permit Fee up to $100

Criteria for Granting the Waivers

  • The cumulative fee waiver for any single business shall not exceed $500.
  • Fee waivers shall involve exterior (street visible) improvements only.
  • Waivers for new construction shall be limited to additions and expansions to existing businesses.

Please contact the Planning Division at 760-839-4671 if you have any questions.

Eligible businesses (in target industries and locations identified in the City Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy), may qualify for additional fee waivers. Please contact the Economic Development team for more information. 

Targeted Commercial Areas
Targeted Commercial Areas