Old perceptions about our city are giving way to Escondido’s vibrant new image. Recently, an article in the December 2015 issue of San Diego magazine reported that Escondido is no longer a “sleepy North County enclave”.  Instead, “Escondido mixes it up with high-end restaurants, greasy spoons, craft beer, scenic trails, art centers and more.”  

More and more people, including young millenials as well as retirees, are discovering that Escondido is a lively community rich with art, stores, restaurants, theaters, wineries, breweries, parks, lakes, nature trails, schools and superb healthcare. Our city teems with industries and businesses that provide job opportunities, as well as high quality services.  

The business community is responding to Escondido’s evolution by increased investment in our city. Nowhere is this change more apparent than in the housing industry.  Currently there are dozens of projects working through the development process. These projects represent over 1,800 new housing units for Escondido residents, with a value of almost one billion dollars!

Our newest promotional brochure and video, both of which were unveiled at the State of the City Address on February 24, vividly convey all that Escondido has to offer.    You can view them on the City’s website, www.escondido.org in the “Experience Escondido” box on the upper left side of the main webpage.

Exciting times are ahead for our community and I am committed to making our city a more vibrant and successful community.