Escondido’s road system is the City’s single largest asset. Like any capital investment, a road system must be maintained in a timely manner to minimize its life cycle costs and receive the maximum long-term benefit from the investment.  Road pavements deteriorate under the action of traffic and heavy vehicle loading. In addition, road pavements naturally age due to environmental factors such as temperature, sunlight and water getting into pavement layers. A well-maintained road system is crucial to an effective commercial delivery system and the economic vitality of a community. If roads are left too long without proper maintenance and timely overlays, they must be completely reconstructed at a much higher cost.

The year’s Pavement Maintenance Program project will treat over 4.3 million square feet of pavement.  It will include minor patching, major rehabilitation work, application of crackseal, pavement surface treatments to selected City streets, and restriping to accommodate bike lanes in compliance with the City’s Bike Master Plan. 

Work is expected to  begin in July and will focus on residential streets in Maintenance Zone CS, which is the area north of Felicita Avenue, south of Fifth Avenue, and east of Interstate 15.  Substantial work will also take place on Auto Parkway, Centre City Parkway, East Valley Parkway, and Escondido Blvd. For a list of streets to be included in this year’s program please visit the City’s website at 

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