Project Description:

Integral Communities has submitted an application for the redevelopment of the former Palomar Hospital site and surrounding properties in downtown Escondido. The application includes a request for a Specific Plan Amendment, Master and Precise Development Plan, and Tentative Map to construct a multi-family residential project. The current proposal shows 200 apartment units (for-rent) and 224 row-homes and villas (for-sale), with accessory residential amenities and up to 5,500 square feet of commercial/office space on approximately 13.8 acres at the east end of downtown.


How the City is Reviewing the Application:

Escondido plans and regulates the use of land to protect the public health, safety and general welfare of our community. There are many ways to regulate and implement land use, such as through a general plan, zoning map and zoning code, along with the subdivision code and design review guidelines. Existing area- or site-specific regulations may also be create for a property, including a Specific Plan. Because the use of land is regulated, the City must review all projects against this policy and regulatory framework before any buildings can be constructed.


There have been many discussions about building on the former hospital site over the past several years.  An application filed by Integral Communities in December 2018 represents the latest effort to examine options to build residential development on the property. To ensure that the site specific solutions are implemented for the site, new standards will be prepared for the Project as part of an amendment to the Downtown Specific Plan.  At this stage in the process, the City has only received some of the application material.  However, it is anticipated that more Project-related information will be submitted shortly.  This portion of the Project website will be used to post Project-related information from the applicant or other Project material.