City of Escondido


Outside the Home

  • Become a water manager by learning how to read your meter.
  • Follow the 7 basic steps to Xeriscaping.
  • Water only between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m., and avoid watering when it is windy.
  • Modify your irrigation schedule to reflect the changes in seasons. There are two great tools that help the homeowner with irrigation scheduling. By filling out a simple form, the Landscape Watering Calculator, developed by the City of San Diego, Water Resources, develops a watering schedule for the different areas of your landscape. To generate a more efficient water schedule, you will need to input the application rate of your irrigation. The application rate is how much water in inches/hour your system applies onto your landscape. The City of Escondido can assist you in determining your application rate. Call the Water Conservation hotline at 760-839-4658 to schedule a free home water survey.

    Another great tool provided by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is the Watering Index, which explains how to adjust your irrigation schedule without having to re-program your controller.
  • Use a soil probe to test the moisture depth. Call Utilities Administration at 760-839-4657 to check out a soil probe.
  • If you notice water running off your landscape before the end of your irrigation run time, try cycling your run times or shortening the times you irrigate. Cycling means you irrigate for half of the runtime, wait for about an hour for the water to soak into the ground, and then water the rest of your runtime.
  • Check your irrigation system on a monthly basis. Turn on each station and check for broken and misaligned sprinkler heads.
  • Use a positive shut-off nozzle on your hose.
  • Use a bucket of water when washing your car.
  • Use a broom to clean off your driveway and sidewalks.
  • Use a cover for your pool or spa.
  • Use low-water or drought-resistant plants. Call Utilities Administration at 760-839-4657 to request a list of plants ideal for our climate zone. Group plants with similar water needs together.
  • Attend a free landscape workshop.
  • Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil.
  • Repair all leaks.
  • Schedule a FREE home water survey.