A neighborhood is a community built by a group of people who strongly believe in the same goal: a safe and clean place to live. A neighborhood acts is a support system that enables such community to emerge. In order to learn about and address the concerns and issues that a neighborhood has, a Neighborhood Group is formed.

General Information

  • What are your needs as a group?
  • Strengths (people, resources, etc.)
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Size
  • Goals for the group
  • Improvement of Neighborhood
  • What kind of guidance or help would you like the City of Escondido provide to your community? Active/Passive
  • Neighborhood Leadership Forum—independent opportunities of leadership training classes
  • Choosing a name

Neighborhood Resources

  • Willing leaders
  • Professionals residing in the neighborhood
  • Availably of a home computer for the production of a neighborhood newsletter or publication
  • Availability of convenient meeting space, home, city meeting room, community space

Neighborhood Plan

  • What would you like to see change?
  • Identify problems and suggest possible solutions
  • Evaluate your neighborhood, safety, crime, violations of city ordinances, vandalism, graffiti, noise, decaying infrastructure, street lighting, traffic congestion, parking
  • Improve communication with neighborhood residents and with the City

Minimum Criteria

  • Geographic boundaries must be set for the neighborhood group
  • Membership in the association should be open to all residents and property owners of the neighborhood